Koala tea

Why do Koala Teas taste so good?
Because they source the best of teas and herbs; by trying to  find them in Australia first. If they are impossible to find here at a particular season, we then go to their country of origin. All our ingredients are tested for their organic purity and for their taste.
This is how our herbs are harvested: just when they reach their peak, they’re picked at the right time of day to ensure maximum flavour. The right time of the month is also important: leaf is more potent on and around the full moon, while roots are at their optimum strength on or around the new moon.
To maintain freshness, and so as not to evaporate the essential oils, the harvested plants are dried using cool temperatures. After drying, the herbs are milled, and then blended, before being milled once again to specifications.

The Koala Tea bags
Koala Teas are packed for your ease of use in teabags of non-chlorine bleached filtered paper. The string is 100% unbleached cotton. No chemicals are used in the production of either string or bag. 
Both the envelope and the teabag can safely be added to the compost. 
We overwrap the box with cellophane to keep the teas safe and fresh. The Box and cellophane can be recycled.

100% Australian Made and Owned

KT Organics Inner Strength
Price: $4.50

INNER STRENGTH contains herbs to build and maintain a robust immune system. It will help the body cope with the ever-growing range of “nasty’s” in our world. With Yerba maté, echinacea and olive leaf. Now dieticians at the Uni of Qld say that Olive leaf has the ability to combat obesity

         With the inner strength tea I make sure that I have a glass a day as I don’t have a very good immune system any cold or flu and I will be sure to catch it! So far so good, no colds in the well… crappy weather!  When you’re a mummy the last thing you want to be doing is sick in bed with the flu. So to help your body keep up and healthy I would try this tea every day to (hey its good for you anyway)

Wet noses, sore throats for the kiddie winkles
Price: $4.35

This tea contains herbs to strengthen the delicate immune system and to assist in overcoming colds and flu. With chamomile, aniseed and echinacea.

My daughter has never actually tried tea until now!! And now with the cold weather it just takes the chill out of the system! She loves her wet noses, sore throats tea. Hayley will have her tea with either a natural sweetener or her favorite HONEY, I think its more the novelty of drizzling the honey into her cup!!

Happy Days tea- so the kids can continue to play!
Price: $4.35

Babies and tots love the naturally sweet and aromatic flavour of this tea. The minerals in Rooibos may help supplement the daily intake of natural fluoride and calcium, so needed by growing children. With rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla.

Now with the happy days tea I thought I would try something different and make my 10month old a tea bottle for during the day! I made it up and popped it in the fridge. When she was ready I popped it in some boiling water to heat. When it was warm I popped some honey in the bottle and shook it really good. It was a 160mL bottle and my little Madison loved it so much she drank the whole lot in one go!! Since then she has had another four of these and just loves it!