Dinda Naturals

 Naturals handcrafted, quality soaps are environmentally friendly, palm oil free and made from natural ingredients.  They cleanse and moisturise even the driest skin, helping your body to feel fresh, revitalised and alive.
Our natural bar soaps have been carefully blended with beautiful cold pressed oils including Australian olive, macadamia, sunflower, almond or hemp, along with luxurious plant butters such as shea, cocoa or mango. Choose from a variety of natural scents, aromatically perfumed with pure essential oils to stimulate your senses! The range of vibrant colours is obtained using natural plant extracts and gentle clays - there are absolutely NO NASTIES or synthetic colours/fragrances in any Dindi products.
Handy tip: To stretch the life of your bar soap, keep it well drained - never let it sit in a pool of water or it will soften considerably. Also, alternating with two or more bars in the shower will help to keep them drier for longer, adding significantly to their overall shelf life.


Goats Milk Unscented
$5.00 inc GST

We've been selling our 'Australian made and grown goats milk soap' at markets with great success and the feedback has been incredible. You won't find a more gentle soap anywhere.  We have packed this soap full of locally produced extra-virgin olive oil and fresh goats milk to produce a rich, creamy skin-pampering delight. This is so gentle it's perfect for sensitive skin types.
I use this soap on my face, as do many of our customers. The beeswax helps it to last longer than most other similar soaps.
Ingredients: saponified olive oil, fresh goats milk, castor oil* and unrefined beeswax.
*certified organic

Ingredients: Saponified extra virgin olive oil, fresh goats milk, organic castor oil and beeswax.

Mandarin Lime
$5.50 inc GST
An uplifting blend of Australian mandarin and lime peel provides a sweet and sour delight to awaken the senses and provide a truly refreshing cleanse for the whole family.
Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, sheep and goats milk, shea butter, sunflower oil, macadamia oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, pure essential oils of mandarin, lime peel, patchouli and tangerine, plant extracts.

 Soap/liquid soap, body and Natural gifts also.

This soap lasts longer then any other natural soap I have used!! I must say I accidently forgot to take the soap out of the shower and it was in a puddle of water and still lasted the week through.
 The favourite one of the two soaps I was lucky enough to try, would definitely have to be the goat’s milk. It leaves your skin feeling amazing! You can even use it on your kiddies. I know when I had a shower, Hayley (3) was scrubba dubbing with the soap J and having loads of fun!!

The mandarin lime has a beautiful scent to it. It really does awaken your senses!! I would say this is very much summer soap, as it’s just so fresh and zesty! But if you would love to take a bit of summer into your winter go for it!
I really love the wide range of scents that Dindi have as well. They also have liquid soap. Which I think I will be investing in, as their products are great!! So mummies if you’re running low on soap give Dindi Naturals a go.