Motivating myself to get out and exercise during Autumn/Winter is very hard. I am sure I am not the only women on this boat either as I know for everyone this daunting weather is a massive turn off.
I will never forget last year in Autumn Matt went for a run in the rain and came back absolutely beside himself and a worried look on his face. Why you may be asking, well this is because he takes his phone on a run and it got drenched and well actually died and never came back to life.
That is the exact reason I leave my phone at home, but find it quite annoying because I cannot track how far I have run and how many calories I am burning. But thankfully this has been all sorted for me now thanks to Magellan and the Echo watch.

The Magellan Echo is the first dedicated running watch in Australia that uses Bluetooth Smart (compatible with iPhone 4S, 5) to wirelessly connect to your smartphone and stream details from any fitness app such as distance, time, and pace in real time to your wrist for complete control. 
This watch claims to be shower proof but as I have to send this one back I was not keen enough to stand in the shower with my watch… And I was even scared to take it out in the rain and tucked it under my raincoat.
Wearing the Echo Watch

The Magellan Echo is built on an open platform and is compatible with many popular fitness apps including Strava, all Wahoo Fitness apps, MapMyRun and iSmoothRun. The top of the range Echo devices also include a low-energy Bluetooth heart rate monitor, compatible to any fitness apps that tracks heart rate data.
Matt was actually the first to try this watch out and I found it quite cute that a watch is what motivated him to get back into running- just goes to show how lugging a phone around in your hand or attached to your arm is a put off.
He loved it and pleaded with me to not send it back, unfortunately this was only a sample and had to be sent back. But I do know what I will be buying him for either Father’s Day or Christmas.

I will however have to agree with him on this. I love having a watch to look at when exercising and hitting those steps, to be able to keep track of the time, the km’s and my weekly overview is fantastic. I love the black Echo and also want it on my Christmas Wish list and know if I buy one for Matt I will also get use out of it.

I am on a mission to loose weight and get back to pre-Mummy weight and this would be a great tool to assist me in this journey.
The Magellan Echo is available in stores now in black, orange and blue.  For more information
Magellan Echo
Black, tangerine and blue
Magellan Echo with BLE HRM
Black, tangerine and blue

So now for the exciting part J Megallan and 3B’s has teamed up to be able to provide you with an amazing giveaway. Here is the chance to own your very own Echo watch to be able to get that butt into shape.. A little like my story!
All you have to do is tell me in 50 WOL how the Echo watch will improve your walks/runs for the better?
Open to Australian Residents only
One entry per person
Competition Closes 14th June 2014
Competition is strictly 50 words or less.