As everyone is aware by now I am on a health kick (body transformation) to loose my baby belly, and well legs, but and everywhere in between! So a lot of changes have come to my diet and exercise routines.

With exercise your body tends to loose a lot of its hydration through perspiration and just hard work, so it is very important to re-hydrate. The old me would have turned to Powerade or Gatorade to re-hydrate but the new me has found those products to be packed full of sugars and un-natural products that god only knows what they do to my body. The only reason I turned to those products is that is what the sportsmen I watch professionally drink, so I thought it must be the right thing to do.
Then Coconut Water came into my life and I found it to hydrate me just as good, and with a hint of fruit gets my sugar levels up as well. So now thanks to coconut water my body is hydrated NATURALLY with just PURE COCONUT WATER.
As with all coconut products, you either hate it or you love it. To begin with I could not stand the taste of coconut water and had to add a heap of crushed ice to it before I could down it. But now after time my tastebuds have got used to it and in Summer I LOVE it.

One of my all time favourite brands of coconut water (as there are just soo many to choose from these days) is of course JAX COCO.
Jax Coco 100% pure coconut water have quite an amazing range of products for adults and children, but the thing I love most is they have a range of 100% Pure Coconut Water in glass bottles.
You know how they say that Coke has a better flavour in glass rather then cans, well it is the same thing with coconut water- in its purest form and beautiful. It is also eaiser to pour into shakes and smoothies without it squirting everywhere.

Jax Coco 250mL Glass Bottle (24 in a pack) $89.95

Jax Coco also has the tetra type packaging as well, which most coconut water on the market comes in. These are great for on the go or to throw in your gym bag where a glass bottle may shatter. Plain and simple packing, which to me appeals and is a lot classier.

Jax Coco 330mL Tetrapak Carton (24 in a pack) $69.95

As I said above Jax Coco also have a range just for the kiddies- well of course adults can drink these as well but they have been infused with a different flavour.
Jax Coco Kidz Premium (36 units in a pack) $49.95

The girls favourite is the chocolate, and I had a little taste of their sample and it taste just like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of coconut- the perfect breakfast drink.
Some of the other flavours are:
Banana- Another yummy milkshake type of drink, but I would have never thought to pair with coconut water.
 Guyabano- also said to be a natural cancer cell killer. The flavour has been described as a combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavour notes with an undertone of well… coconut, so this pairs up perfectly. Never had I heard of this fruit let alone tasted it, but I do believe this is something I will incorporate into our diet more often.
Calamansi- Which is a sort of Philippine lime. Out of all of the flavours this was the girls least favourite, they didn’t take anymore then a sip. So it was left to me to finish it. It did take a couple of sips to get used to the flavour but after that it was fine- not my favourite either though!
Pure- This is just like the normal adult drink, only smaller as little ones never tend to drink as much as us and it would be a waste giving them a big pack.
All the little kids tetra packs are perfect to pop into the freezer for a frozen treat in the Summer time, and makes for a healthy treat.
This is a product I will have to stock my cupboard up with on my health and fitness journey- I will also bring to you some amazing recipes you can make using Coconut Water.