Salts of the Earth- Doncaster Review

A few weeks ago Madison and I were asked to try out a new service that is meant to be a great benefit to your health in more ways then one. We were asked to attend Salt Therapy session in Doncaster at Salts of the Earth, which runs for 45mins.
Doncaster Salt Therapy has three rooms all up I do believe. There is a private personal room for those wanting their skin to really be exposed to the salt. There is a family room, which has a TV and rocking chair with beanbags for the kids. Then there is also an adult room, which has massaging chairs and little lights so you can read in the peaceful Salt surrounds.
Madison and I were put into the Family Room, but before you could go in you needed to put protectors over your socks and a hair net on- I thought this would have been quite tricky with Madison but it was ok and she left it on.
First impressions last for me, and this was something amazing and like that you would see in a magazine at some fancy place in the world- but nope it was right on my backdoor step. Madison was even given the chance to pick which show she wanted to watch and of course Dora the Explorer was what we watched for an hour.
The room had wavy walls like that you would see in a cave I suppose. The floor looked and felt like you were walking on sand- but this was actually the pure white coloured salt.  On one wall was a fish tank, which for me was the most relaxing thing to watch while breathing in the air. Being a family room there was also a large toy box for the kids to play with if the TV wasn’t doing it for them anymore. Most of the time though Madison played with the sand like it was a giant sandpit, making sure to leave her footprints everywhere!

So you might be asking why is Salt Therapy beneficial?
With up to 40% of children now suffering from allergiesi, parents in Australia are opening up to the latest complementary therapy to help battle symptoms associated with common ailments, from the winter cold to hay fever, asthma and eczema. The ingredient? A pinch of salt.
Ancient natural salt caves dating back to the 1800s have paved the way for today’s more scientific salt therapy (also known as halo therapy), helping to relieve the symptoms of thousands of young Australians suffering from debilitating respiratory and skin ailments, while also aiding general wellbeing.
Australian owned and operated Salts of the Earth is leading the way with eight centres in Melbourne, one in Perth and plans for further expansion through the year, offering children in need natural relief from their symptoms - be it an ongoing condition or seasonal ailments - in a comfortable, child-friendly and calming environment.
So what is it and how does it work?
Salt therapy is a non-invasive, chemical-free therapy designed to relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and skin. By widening the airways of the respiratory tract, the micro salt particles reach deep into the respiratory system loosening up the mucus, which helps to reduce inflammation.
I did notice while Madison and I were in the Salt room we almost instantly had runny noses, and this was not because it was cold- the room was quite warm.

The best part – children don’t even know they’re being treated. Kids enter a room with an adult (or the whole family) and simply sit back, play and breathe in an ambient setting, designed to mimic a natural salt cave, filled with toys, a fish tank, bean bags and a TV. During the 45 minute session, a Halogenerator grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt to tiny particles that become airborne and dispersed.
Salt therapy is not a cure and works in conjunction with the sufferer’s medical treatment, helping to relieve symptoms of a range of common respiratory conditions be it ongoing or seasonal, from asthma to bronchitis as well as common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

How much does Salts of the Earth sessions cost?
Single Session: Adult: $35    Concession/12-U18: $25
5 Session Pack: Adult: $150   Concession/12-U18: $120
Adult Membership: $35 Weekly 13 weeks unlimited minimum unlimited weekly
Pension/ 12-U18 Membership: $30 weekly unlimited  for a minimum of 13 weeks.
Parent and One Child Membership: $45 weekly unlimited for 7 week minimum
Family Membership: $80 weekly unlimited  for a minimum 7 weeks