Trend Micro- What's your story?

It is absolutely crazy how much times have changed since I was a child in primary school. I went to drop my daughter off at school the other day, and she was a little late and they were in the library. When I walked into the library the preps were in there on the computers learning to type their names to sign in, I was in shock. A huge wave of emotions came over me, proud as she would do it,  scared as the world wide web can be a very scary place and didn’t know how to re-act.
This got me to thinking, maybe now I should get some kind of protection of the computers, laptops and iPad’s in our home just in case she wanted to learn more computer things at home. Sure enough the last few days she has asked to play games on the computer and type a letter on word.

 What’s your story?
At the moment Trend Micro Maximum Secrity are running a
What’s your Story competition, find details here. So I asked Hayley her favourite memory so far about computers and what is on the net and here is what she says.
Because I don’t see grandma very much I like when you (Mum) facetime Grandma for me to talk to her. It makes it feel like I am there with her talking to her cause I can see her and she can see me.
My daughter is only 5, so her story is not long and has been re-written by me as she can type but I wouldn’t get this up until next month haha.
So what is Trend Micro Maximum Security?
Trend Micro Maximum Security ($129.00, but there IS a free trial)
 and Trend Micro Mobile Security help combat the increasing onslaught of cyber-attacks that are continually placing families at risk when they’re online. The two solutions give you privacy and security across multiple devices (like your laptop, mobile phone and iPad) to provide safe web browsing, guidance on privacy settings for social media, protection from online threats and protecting your information if you lose one of your devices.  Parents can rest easier with monitoring control and filter restrictions available for social media and websites.
Background information:
·         By using only one device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet we have access to our emails, downloading apps, browsing social media such as Facebook, playing games, online shopping and surfing the web.
·         Cybercriminals are notorious violators of mobile privacy. They can create malicious apps which target your personal details.
·         Free, high-risk apps also pose a  privacy risk as they can collect all types of data about you from your location, pictures and address book. When downloading apps ensure you close apps when they’re not in use, read app terms and conditions before agreeing to the download to check what information you’re giving them access to.
·         When using your mobile devices ensure you control how much information your device shares by changing the privacy and browser settings. Also, regularly clear you mobile browser cache to escape data leakage in case malware tries to search your device for information.
·         The information we share on social media websites such as Facebook usually provides the answers to our security questions for personal accounts online to reset passwords.
·         Children attempt to hide online activity from parents by using code words to their friends, like POTS (Parents Over The Shoulder) to avoid certain information being read.
·         The internet holds a lot of inappropriate content and stranger danger that children should not have access to until they’re old enough to understand what it means.
The Trend Micro Maximum Security system is a perfect piece of mind and I love having it on the computer without the kids knowing. I now look forward to them growing up and using technology as it is forever growing and I feel secure with Trend Micro Maximum Security. 
Trend Micro Maximum Security is so easy to use, install and put onto multiple devices in our house, which are all luckily Apple devices.
Head to the website below for more information or if you would like to cover your family!