Reviewed and LOVED- {~Mix My Muesli~}

Before my weightloss journey I never even thought about breakfast and never felt like food when I woke up. Usually by the time I have fed the girls and got them ready, I just don’t feel like breakfast anyway. So since I have started my weightloss journey I have made sure to eat breakfast with the girls.
For me it could be yoghurt with muesli, a piece of fruit, scrambled eggs, or even oats and banana. It is really hard to find a good muesli, and even a good (HEALTHY) yoghurt to eat and keep the calories and carbs down.

No muesli is yet to compare to Mix My Muesli, which is a company that allows you to build your very own muesli the way you want it and have it delivered to your door.
Mix My Muesli allowed me the opportunity to try out their super delicious products and I was very impressed. I was sent a couple of the pre-mixed range. The first mix I was sent was:
Café Style Gourmet Muesli 500g $9.99

Apple Toasted Oats, Linseed, Cinnamon, Roasted Almonds, Pepitas, Jumbo Golden Raisin and Organic Cranberries.
I love this muesli and plan to incorporate this into some kind of cookies or bites but I am yet to figure out what.
This muesli mixes both the sweet and the crunchy together to create a beautiful café like muesli with every mouthful. I love eating this alone and just picking at it, but also great with light milk or even yoghurt.
The packaging is in tube like containers that are perfect for storage in your pantry and take up barely any space, and can be re-used when finished for other food items (or to refill with more muesli!) 
Organic Supergrains 500g $10.99

When it's not enough that you want to be healthy and pure, prepare to go that step further. Your body will love you for it. Forever
Organic Oats, Organic Spelt, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Cashews, Organic Sultana, Organic Cranberries and Organic Apricot.
This is the only one where I had my second thoughts on whether or not I would enjoy the flavours and mixture- but knew my body would benefit either way.
The apricot is what makes this muesli come together and become great if you ask me, and then you get a crunch of cashew in your mouth and it is like creamy fireworks go off.  This is a great mix to enjoy with milk and in its pure form.

This is not the last you will hear of Mix My Muesli and will be sure to see many of my healthy meals and recipe creations containing Mix My Muesli products.
But for more information on where you can make your mix, head to: