Remington Hair Straightener- The first I had ever owned in my tweens.

What was the first ever hair straightener you owned? For me it was a Remington, the big ceramic panel one. 

Back in early highschool, dead straight hair was the only way to go and if you didn’t own a hair straightener you were often frowned upon, which looking back on it is very sad and I should have never given in. 
But to blend in I wanted to get a straightener that I could not only afford but that also worked. 
I walked into K-Mart with money in my pocket and on the hunt for something that was no more then $50, and this is where I found the Remington straightener. 
Now days the straighteners have come along way and are much more advanced in their design and how they protect your hair.
I was sent a brand new product from Remington and boy oh boy did it bring back some great memories, from burning or necks that looked like love bites when they heal, accidentally snapping my then best friends ear and burning it and just both laughing hysterically as she squealed like a little mouse.
So the new product is:

Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener $39.95
Available in more colours then the rainbow, with 12 vibrant colours so there is sure to be one you love or would like to surprise someone with.

For me it was the purple straightener that does it, and is one of my favourite colours closely followed by the watermelon shade.

I love the little screen on this straightener with digital variable heat settings allowing me to change the heat settings as I need. 

For me though I have to have the straightener set on the highest temperature, as my hair is very long and thick.

Another great feature is the fact that this straightener has an automatic shut-off, turning itself off when left unused. I am the WORST when it comes to remembering to turn my hair appliances off :-/ Had way to many close calls and one destroyed vanity. So this feature for me is the best and gives me a great piece of mind. Too many times I have had to turn the car around and go home just to make sure I turned my straightener off, once travelling over 30mins home from dinner to make sure I didn’t forget to turn my straightener off.

This is my 5 year old daughter Hayley's before and after- literally using it for 1minute 20seconds.

Straight hair for me has never been so fun, and my 5 year old daughter has even tried this out on her hair (of course I straightened it.)
You can also use the Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO to curl your hair.

Also available is the Remington Stylis 3200 PRO Dryer $39.95 Which is a 2100 watts hair dryer, and also comes in 12 colours exactly like the hair straightener. If you would like to find out more about either of these products, just head to the site below.