Dinosaur Adventures makes for amazing School holiday FUN

Dinosaur Adventures- BEST Winter Holiday Day out

 On Friday 20th June we stepped back in time- WAY back in time to the prehistoric ages.. Well kind of J We were invited to come along to a special preview of the Dinosaur Adventures, which has been set up under a heated big top at Caulfield Racecourse.

If you don’t want to drive, the train stops right out the front. There is parking but it is limited and at certain times you must pay to park.

Dinosaur Adventures is an exhibition that is captivating young and old alike. Explore a prehistoric world full of life-size moving dinosaurs and be amazed and thrilled as the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth, return and come alive right before your eyes.

Marvel at the story of their 200 million year domination of life on earth. Watch them move. Hear the roar. From the ripple of their skin to the glint in their eye, you will think that the dinosaurs really are back!
Apart from this amazing animatronics show, you will be able to become a Paleontologist for the day. Children will be provided their ‘experts digger outfit’ and chip away at their very own fossil. Plus there will be many more dinosaur activities to take part in including dinosaur sand art, dinosaur library, fossil displays, dinosaur activity land, dinosaur sand pit, photographic souvenirs inside a life sized dinosaur egg and so much more.
The cost of admission is: $27 and Under 3 is FREE. I think this is a great price for what you see and experience inside.

  A spectacular dinosaur exhibition with realistic animatronics
We were first greeted by a giant T-Rex who moved, blinked and of course ROARED (really loud, which initially scared the poop out of Madison.) Everywhere you look there are dinosaurs moving and interacting with the crowd, it was truly amazing and is crazy how far we have come with technology.
  An Interactive Fossil digging area
That is the line behind the T-Rex head
This was the only thing we didn’t get around to doing as the line was very long, and we had an impatient almost three year old. There was no way known she would have sat there and waited in the long line do dig up some fossils.
  Have your photo taken in a dinosaur egg
Super cute and would make a great photo, again this was something we didn’t do as it would have looked a little funny just having Madison in there and not her sister (as unfortunately Hayley could not make this one!)
  Dinosaur Sand Art
We didn’t actually see this one, either we are blind or it wasn’t operating on this night- but sounds great never the less.
  Camp Fire Story Telling
Madison’s favourite place to be was sitting and listening to the Dinosaur stories. We walked away and got an ice-cream and she ran straight back here to listen to the store and sit around the camp fire (which obviously was not a real fire- rest assured Mummy and Daddies.
  Dinosaur activity land
I am pretty sure this is where Madison made her wooden puzzle dinosaur, which you can take home. The super cute mini tables and chairs are surrounded by Dinosaur artifacts and statues- I loved this as a little resting area J
  Dinosaur Sand Pit
Warning, you will have a child that gets sand EVERYWHERE- at least we did. I think even now I can still find sand in Miss Madison’s hair, but that is all apart of the fun!

  Plus so many other dinosaur activities for the whole family .
My two beautiful Dinosaurs
Including a number of jumping castles, which are free of charge. Once Madison was on these the workers (who are suitably dressed in Jurassic Park style get ups) could not get her off and her inner T-Rex came out.

We had an amazing night and the Dinosaur Adventure’s will make for a great WINTER HOLIDAY day out! You escape all the harsh elements of Winter and enter into a world of Prehistoric enjoyment.

The Dinosaur Adventure’s run from:
21st June - 20th July 2014

Where: Caulfield Racecourse

Tickets are through Ticketek www.ticketek.com.au