Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour REVIEW

When I know I am going to an event the preparation starts days before. I usually wash my hair 2 days before the event so my hair has just enough oil to hold my look but to not leave my hair looking oily and gross. Then the day before if I am wearing a dress I will fake tan, that night I will sit down and do my nails.

For me I LOVE nail wraps and in my mind there is nothing better, and the reason for this due to the fact it chips and never looks good the next day when you use nail lacquer. But if I were to pick one nail lacquer brand that stay put for at least a few days I would have to pick the Sally Hansen range.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour $9,95

Now Sally Hansen is bringing maximum radiance to the season’s most covetable colours with the new Triple Shine Nail Colour. Sally Hansen knows that high shine is what you crave. Yet, daily hand washing can eat away at colour due to water’s high pH, detergent can dull shine, and everything from chlorine to heat can damage polish’s precious luster.

The amazing innovative formula features a one-of-a king ultimate shield complex, which is designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of every day life- especially being a Mum.  Then you also have the bonus of not having to apply a high shine top coat as this polish goes on shiny and I am not even sure a matte top coat could dull this shine J


Triple Shine Nail Colour is formulated with an Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen. It is a carefully balanced blend of solvents and colour solids that work synergistically for high impact colour and maximum shine. It delivers Triple Shine benefits via:
           The Gloss-Tech Brush designed specifically to apply the Triple Shine formula. It lays down polish smoothly and evenly to form a glass-like, flawless finish that maximizes lasting shine – and looks “just applied” for days
           An exclusive complex of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for daily defense from water, detergent and every day wear plus Sea Kelp and Panthenol for maximum hydration
           Guanine, a natural crushed pearl found in aquatic life delivers a natural iridescence and high- impact, lasting shine 
Triple Shine Nail Colour is available in 27 shades in three trend-setting colour palettes, including a rainbow of vibrant, saturated polishes in bold brights, ethereal, pearlescent pastels and shimmering metallic and a glittering selection of aquatic tones that evoke the sun-dappled sea. 

The 2 shades I was sent were:

# 170 Great White- I know exactly how this shade got its name and that of course is from the Great White Shark. This is almost identical to that of the big shark, it is a beautiful shade of grey and one I love wearing with almost any outfit.

Scale Up

# 340 Scale Up- I am not even sure how I would describe this colour… Like Shrek has thrown up on my nails, but in a pretty way (if that is even possible.) It is a green base colour with specks of different colours through it like white, blue, red, yellow and more. I do like this as it draws attention to your nails and looks great on the nails- not so great in the bottle..

The only negative thing I can say about this product is the fact that the lids are not secured on properly and the square part completely comes off (see two images above). I did even get pinched but this, which hurt like a *****!!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine is available from April 2014 from Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally.

For stockists please call 1800 812 663.