Postercandy Review

From Instagram to poster is exactly what Postercandy can create for you, all those memories cherished on the one poster in a collage type poster.

Recently I was approached by Postercandy and asked if I would like to try out their service, and without much thought I jumped right on the bandwagon as my walls are very bare and need some loving on them (and life brought to the house.)
So easy to create
The hardest part of creating the Postercandy art was deciding if I wanted a theme and then what photos I wanted to go on the collage. I went on to decide to concentrated on our little clan. Lots of photos of the girls together, alone, with Mummy, With Daddy, as a family and then of course Mummy and Daddy together. All you do is drag the photos from your Instagram (once signed in of course) into the squares where you want to place them.
Creating My piece
There are many options when it comes to actually creating the piece. You can choose if you want them portrait or landscape, if you would like the background white or black and then of course the amount of squares you want on your piece.
With delivery I was actually surprised at how quick my package (well tube arrived to me.) I thought having to go through a print cycle and then actually being sent to me I would be waiting a month at the least, but nope my poster arrived just a week and half after placing my order and even came with a few chocolates J Cute!
The End Result
It looks even better then it did online, and the quality of the print is out of this world. I cannot wait to find a frame and get it up on the wall right in the entryway where everyone can see it.
Prices and Sizing
18cmX24cm- $15            30cmX40cm- $29.00
40cmX50cm- $39.00       50cmX50cm- $49.00
50cmX70cm- $59.00       70cmX100cm- $79.00
84cmX119cm- $99.00
The hardest part of this whole thing is trying to find an affordable frame to fit my 70cmX100cm piece. I have been to quite a few places and as big and they go is 60X90 which is a real pain in my bottom. 
If you want to try this service out or find more just head to the link below: