JUNE Scholastic Reads

June Reads with Scholastic

May brings some very horrid weather along with some beautiful days and on those cold almost Winter like days we stay inside and find things to do and READ. The girls often have a story read to them in bed by their amazing Daddy, but I tend to read to them during the day to try and wind them down for the afternoon.

Snail and Turtle are Friends- $24.99

Snail and turtle is a story about a book of two very different creatures coming together to be great friends. It is about two friends enjoying spending time together. I find it quite funny that a turtle and a snail are used, who both have shells and are both slow creature in the animal world.
On page 18-19 of this book if you run your fingers along the page, where the grass is behind snail you will actually feel a snail trail that the little snail has left. I think this is perfect for little kids to learn, and also a little bit of fun.  I also just noticed on the front cover there is a snail trail on turtles back, you will see the shiny spiral on turtles back.
The images in this book are beautiful and I love the fact that two friends that are different and the same like spending time together and being the best of friends.
Karana: The Story of the Father Emu- $15.99

 I absolutely love this book, and love reading it to my girls :0) And so does their Daddy!
The words all rhyme and can even be sung if you want to have a little more fun with the book like I do with the girls.
This story is about an Emu, a Daddy Emu none the less that looks after his chicks in eggs and then goes on to teach them all they need to know about growing up and looking after themselves.
I love that the Author – Uncle Joe Kirk who is actually a Wakka Wakka elder, brings some of his stories to life in a book. I would have loved to see more Aboriginal art in this book though, as I absolutely love their traditional story telling art!

Possum’s BiG Surprise- $14.99

All of Flossy the Possum’s friends are planning a surprise birthday party for the possum but on her way home she thinks she sees her friends in certain places, except they hide and she is off thinking they are scary things. So Flossy never actually makes it home instead she is then greeted by all her friends, and they throw an amazing

I personally love all the Australian outback images and how well they fit into the cute story, which is also like a poem in a way. I wish I had an Australian outback party like that of Flossy the Possum’s was given.