Marion's Kitchen Review

Our favourite place to eat out is a place in Brunswick, which is actually an amazingly cheap Thai restaurant. Never before in my life have we found anything close to this restaurant and no matter how hard we try we couldnt imagine making a dish from their menu.
That was until I was sent a couple of Marion’s Kitchen kits. I had seen these on my shelf in the local supermarket but often walked past thinking it would be much to hard for me to create a Thai dish.
I wish I gave these a shot back when I first saw them on the shelf as I would have never turned back. So, so easy and extremely tasty!! The instructions are super easy to follow, which makes my life easier. The best thing about these packs is that you can choose how spicy you want these products, if you even want it spicy at all.

Now Marion’s Pack have become well known and loved in many households I have noticed she is moving on from Thai and into other continents of the words. There is now some Indian Dishes in there and when I saw Butter Chicken was a kit that arrived at my door, I could feel the excitement building.

I went to the shop that night and bought the ingredients, which was only chicken, onion and a few little bits and pieces. You can find what you need for each kit right on the front in the bottom right corner, nice and big so you wont miss it.

My tastebuds had a real party that night and I couldn’t believe with the help of Marion I MADE this dish all by myself. The kids loved it, the other half loved it and there were even some leftovers for him to take to work the next day! It makes 4 very generous serves, which I think is a big plus.

There was another product in the Marion’s Kitchen range that actually surprised me. This product was the Korma Curry Kit. I don’t really eat curry and have only really eaten it when I was younger, so don’t remember the taste but I just don’t eat it due to the strong smell.  I got Matt (my other half) to try cooking this one just to show how easy it really is and how easy the instructions are to follow- he is NOT an instructions man.  

The meal turned out amazing and we promised to go out and buy this kit again. However having said this the girls didn’t like this dish and I ended up having to make them some pasta. (BUTTTTT as usual I didn't get a photo as my stomach took over my brain and the bowl was gone, and then I remembered!!) 
Thanks Marion for helping my kitchen turn into something amazing and for helping me to create some truly delicious meals.
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