Preshafruit Review- The Healthier Alternative

I think I would be more then happy for my last drink on this planet Earth to be a juice (fruit juice!) I love the stuff and just cannot get enough.

Recently I have been given a Vitamix for trial, and have been juicing non-stop. But sometime I just look and crave for the natural sugars found in certain bottled juices. One of my all time favourite juices would certainly have to be the Preshafruit range.
You would have seen a flood of flavours on my social media outlets lately as I honestly cannot get enough. I do limit myself though and wont have the juice, or any fruit really after 3pm- unless I am really craving sweets, then I reach to fruit.
Flavours- Apple and Strawberry, Apple and Lemon, Navel Orange, Pink Lady Apple, Granny Smith Apple, Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Passionfruit, Valencia Orange
Flavours- Tropical juice (Slipper Sam), Apple/mango and banana (Lazy Larry), Apple and Blackcurrant (Razor Rex.)
Flavours- Pink Lady lite, Granny Smith Apple Light.
Cold Pressed:
Falvours-Cold PressedPink Lady Apple, Cold pressed pineapple juice, Cold pressed pear juice, Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple.
Why Preshafruit stands above the rest?

Preshafruit juice is made using High Pressure Processing - a cold process that pressurises our juice at an extremely high rate, where food-borne pathogens and other organisms causing spoilage cannot survive, whilst all of the vitamins and goodness is retained. This heat-free pasteurisation process causes minimal changes to the ‘fresh’ characteristics of our juices by eliminating thermal degradation. This is why Preshafruit has a fresher taste and high nutritional content, making it as close to freshly picked fruit as possible - the only way you’ll get a fresher taste is to get a ladder, pick your own fruit off the tree, stuff it in a bottle and drink it that same day.
What is my favourite flavour?
Well… That is an extremely hard question and I wish I had a Preshfruit tree out the back yard growing fresh bottles of juice However if I had to pick just the one it would be the Apple And Raspberry.
Preshafruit Pressurised cold* Apple and Raspberry
This would have to be right up there as my all time favourite juice that has entered my mouth from a bottle. I love this juice soooo much, and cannot wait until Summer when I will be stocking the fridges high with the apple and raspberry like is at the end of the production line! 
Madison actually snuck into my fridge, got her sister to open the bottle and drank the entire thing all buy herself (hiding in her room under the desk though), and when I found the evidence all it was, was a lid and totally empty bottle. So I think maybe this may mean she likes this juice?! No, yes?!

Sizes Available-
Most of the range is available in both 250mL, 350mL and 1L but there are some exceptions.
Funny Triangle Shaped bottles-
Yes they make it a little hard to line up in the fridge but there is a good reason why the bottle is shaped the way it is. The unique triangular bottles are specially designed to fit snugly into the pressure vessel when closed. But they are fun and really do stick out from other bottled juice you can buy these days.
If you love good quality juice then I know Preshafruit will not disappoint you. They have not paid me to say anything in this blog post, I was just sent some product for consideration. Not only did I consider them I also will be making sure my fridge is never without Preshafruit.
You will be seeing and hearing a lot more of Preshafruit :0)