Coming home from work and getting Dirty doesn’t sound right does it Unless your mind is in the gutter then that sounds perfectly fine J But I LOVE getting home with Dirty Works and jumping in the shower with my pals.. I am talking about the brand Dirty Works however and LOVE their range. Now I am not too sure if you have been following my blog, but if you have then you would know I am a massive coconut fan..
I use it in my cooking, I use it on my body, I have it in candles, I use it as a perfume and just about anything else I can use it for or on. So when I learnt of Dirty Works NEW Coconut range, I was super duper excited and NEEDED more then anything to get my hands on these and try them out.
So the first of the products I got my hands on is the
$7.95 (300mL)

Body butter and me is like bread and butter, we were just meant to be and they change my mood from bad to good in minutes.

I don’t know why but when I am stressed out and under the weather I jump in the bath, handball the girls off to their Daddy for half an hour and soak in the bath listening to music. Then when I jump out a GOOD body butter is a must for all over my body.
The Dirty Works “That Fiji Feeling” body butter falls nothing short of perfect, and is a butter I love and will continue to use until the last finger scrap- then it’s off to the shops to get some more.
Another amazing sounding product from Dirty Works is the
$7.95 200mL

This product certainly comes under the ‘little bit goes a long way’ heading and one that a little squirt does my whole body. I use a loofa though, so this always makes my products go along way.

The coconut caress body scrub works into a nice, light lather and that is a massive plus for me.
You would have heard me rave on about how my pet hate is a scrub that takes a whole layer of skin off and some as it is just so rough and the beads are like razor blades. The Dirty Works coconut caress body scrub has just the right amount of exfoliating beads in them and gently works away my dead skin without aggravating my skin and irritating it.
The packaging is purple so it stands out, and looks perfect on my vanity J
So I think I will go now and get Dirty with Dirty Works See Ya beauties.