My fave Slim Secrets Bars to get me through those cravings

The hardest part of my weightloss journey so far is not the burn of exercising but actually trying to fight off the cravings of sugar and junk that just isn’t good for me. Of the night is the worst for me as I am settling down ready for bed all I can think about if my stomach. Last night I reached for peas and carrots sticks, but it didn’t fill me and left me hungry still afterwards.

Luckily I remembered that I was sent some Slim Secret products for review and lucky for me after finding them in my pantry I found there was actually a bar for the “Night time Binge”
The Slim Secrets Night time Binge Bars
 Buster Berries Drizzled with White Chocolate are meant to fill that spot and urge to eat at night.
A delicious blueberry and raspberry bar, made from real snap frozen fruit, drizzled with smooth white choc that melts in your mouth. High in protein and 4.6g of fibre per bar, this mouth-watering bar will give you an increased feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Wheat free and low GI carbohydrates mean you'll stay healthy without staying hungry through the night.
Finally for me this bar relieved my night-time craving of sweets and foods and I can happily say I finished off some things on my Macbook and fell asleep almost instantly. It isn’t the most flavour packed bar and is bland compared to what I would usually snack on but then again my usual snacks would go straight to my butt!
Slim Secrets Craving Crusher Cookies And Cream Bar
 is by far my favourite bar and is like eating Cookies and Cream ice-cream without the calories (and of course it isn’t frozen!)  I love that this bar is low carbs and high in fibre- puts my mind at ease as I finish off the last bite.
These products are perfect for me to help and get me through the times I turn to junk and snacking food that isn’t good for me. There are some other amazing products from Slim Secrets on their site that will be sure to help me through my weightloss journey. 

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