EHPlabs OxyWhey Lean Protein and BUZZ review

To begin with I had no intentions of hitting the gym, and you would know this already if you were reading my previous posts on EhpLabs. But my sister persuaded me to go to her gym (Derrimut Gym in Caroline Springs.) I have always had a fear of gyms for one reason or another but the main one being people judging my body because it is far from perfect.

But after going to the gym I quickly learnt that men and women of all shapes and sizes were there and almost all of them are in their own little world not worrying about others.

After completing my trial of EHPlabs OxyShred and L-Carnitine I just could not get enough of their products and quickly made a LONG list of products I would love to buy. It was here I was given the chance to try out another 2 products from EHPlabs to assist me in my body transformation. I am no longer on a weightloss journey but more of a body transformation as I know I may never get down to the 55kg I dream of but would be more then happy if what I am carrying is muscle not fat!!

The first product I was sent is the:

OxyWhey Lean Protein RRP $69.95

Available in :
Strawberry Milkshake, Delicious Chocolate and French Vanilla.

What is OxyWhen Lean Protein?

As the heading might suggest this is of course a LEAN protein which comprises of top quality proteins: 70% whey protein isolates, 20% Whey protein concertrates and 10% Micellar Casein. With almost 0 fat, carbs, cholesterol and lactose this is one of the best I have seen on the market to assist weight loss.

What do you use protein for?

For me I use this product as a breakfast protein shake and even add it into my green smoothies for that added flavour and kick. I mix 1 scoop of OxyWhey in 300mL’s of fat free milk. I will go into more detail in another post the different ways of consuming the OxyWhey product and how they

You can also consume as a pre-workout meal 1 hour prior to training and immediately after your training as a post workout recovery protein shake to assist with fat loss and lean muscle development. But for me if I drink this before a workout no matter how much or little I consume it just doesn’t sit right with me, so I like to have it afterwards.

The OwyWhey Lean protein is the product I know turn to, to smash my sugar cravings out of the park!

I will be touching base more on OxyWhey in the coming weeks with a variety of subjects and exploring many aspects of this product.

The second product I was sent is the one I was most excited for-

EHPlabs Buzz $49.95

Available in: Blue Magic, Raging red raspberry and watermelon

Crashing, tingles that feel like ants under your skin, stomach cramps and horrible side effects are just some of the things I have experienced when it comes to a pre-workout. Many brands are yet to perfect the balance in their pre-workouts, so for me I am on the hunt for not just a good pre-workout but a GREAT one.

What is EHPlabs Buzz?

It is the latest break-through in pre-workout supplements. BUZZ prepares you mentally and physically for you best workout by ensuring that your mind is focused on your training and your body
is fuelled with loads of energy for you to destroy the gym. This may make you think of a massive sugar high, when in fact BUZZ contains ZERO carbs, ZERO sugar and ZERO crash. This is perfect for me wanting to loose weight as I don’t have to work of extra carbs and sugars thanks to supplements. Use ONLY on workout days, and try not to eat or drink protein for an HOUR after or you will not feel so great.

Why I use a pre-workout?

For me gym time usually comes in the afternoon when the other half gets home to look after the girls. So by then I am feeling burnt out doing all the motherly things and almost ready for bed. So I crave that pick-me-up before gym and need that energy burst. I take this 30mins before gym (which is usually my car trip there) and by the time I get there I am fuelled and ready to go. If I don’t have the time though I will have my BUZZ while on the cross trainer warming up and allowing it time to work.

Same deal goes with the BUZZ, I will touch base again next week and let you know how it is all going and explore different aspects of the products and how well it works for me.

Next week I will show you how the actual products look both in the container and then mixed up in your shaker. And the amounts I take and how much they suggest to use :-)

But for now I am off to the gym.