ENJO's beauty range REVIEW.

Taking ENJO from the kitchen to the bathroom.

For me I had only really known that ENJO made environmentally friendly kitchen products and had no real knowledge of the brand.  That was until I was contacted to see if I wanted to learn a little more about ENJO and was even given the chance to try out a couple of items for myself.

It was here I learnt that there were ENJO products for almost every room in the house, but it was the bathroom products I truly fell in love with.

What is ENJO’s beauty and body range?

ENJO’s new range of beauty and body care products will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, without the chemicals and irritants of creams and soaps.
The beauty of the sting-free line is the all you need is water to cleanse, exfoliate and revitalise your skin. You will also save considerable time on your beauty regime!

The ENJO Body Glove is ideal for evening out the skin before and after applying fake tan, as well as waxing, while the Daily Face Off allows you to remove make-up soap- free.

A single ENJO fibre is100 times finer than a human hair. Each of the ultra-fine strands gently removes grease and make-up. They also lightly exfoliate which stimulates blood circulation and reveals a beautiful, natural, all over glow.

Now I would love to give you a brief review of the products I was sent and let you know all the pro’s and anything I may not have liked about the products.

Daily Face Off – RRP $49
A mini must-have for the most sensitive of places on faces, the Daily Face Off gently cleanses and removes make-up and mascara, leaving your skin perfectly prepped for creams, masks or fresh applications.

Being a beauty blogger I wear a lot of make up, which means just as equally it comes off my face. I cannot stand the feeling of knowing I am going to bed with blocked up pores thanks to make up, so I love a good cleaner. Little did I know I don’t have to use harsh products to remove the makeup off my face and instead I can replace those products with a re-usable Daily Face off pads.

Getting down and dirty.. into my pores that is.
They really get down into my skin and clean out those make-up blocked pores. And then when I am done I just wash them under the tap or can even throw them into my washing machine and re-use again once clean.  As you can see these things really do work. I would love to see ENJO create an actual facewasher type product though.

Body Glove – RRP $55

For the tender and tougher parts of all skin types, the Body Glove has two fibres for exfoliating and deep cleaning, removing body oils and dead skin to reveal a healthier glow.

De-cluttering my shower.
This knocks out two products in my shower and replaces them with something I cannot compare the others to. I love the fact I no longer need an exfoliating glove in my shower- which to be completely honest is like using sandpaper on my skin and then to have ANOTHER sponge to wash my body. So it has been great de-cluttering my shower, as it is my partners pet hate having too many products in the one confined space being the shower.

Two Sides, Two uses.
Both sides have a different texture; One being a soft silky side, which sometimes sticks to the rough skin on my hand making me gag, but that is just a thing I have had from a young age and the same thing happens with material sticks to the dry skin on my feet making the scraping feeling.

The soft side gently exfoliates removing the dead skin cells and gunk from you skin and is suitable for all skin types. I love lathering up some soap on this side from time to time as well and getting all suddy.

The fluffier more hardier side is your deep clean side. This is for those less sensitive areas like your elbows, knees and those spots that require a little more scrub and buff. I love using this on my legs, as it doesn’t feel like rubbing sandpaper down my legs like my old exfoliator glove.

The last product is probably my favourite and has really encouraged me to wash my face every single morning now in my teeth brushing routine.

Face Glove – RRP $35

This oh-so-gentle fibre treats you with respect, removing grease and make-up residue, cleaning pores and stimulating healthy blood circulation for a clear complexion.

So like I said this product has actually encouraged me to wash my face once a day every day, which is very unlike me. I have never been about spending hours in bathroom washing my face, brushing my teeth and then getting into the shower… The quicker I get out of that bathroom the better I say- that way I have more me time before the girls get up and start getting ready for the day.

It is so gentle and soft that I encourage my eldest daughter to use it in the shower to gently wash her face, to get her into some kind of routine!
Again like the body glove this has two sides, but both being a lot more gentler then the body glove as your face is more sensitive and requires that tender touch rather then the tender scrub.

Two Different sides, two different uses.
The first side is like the deep cleanse side of the body glove only this one is fluffier and softer, it is like rubbing a sheep on your face- so soft and beautiful.
Fluffy Side

The second sides again almost identical to the microfiber like side of the body glove, and I might be wrong but to me they seem identical.

Comparing the two.

This glove is also much smaller then the body glove because obviously you have more body then you do face.

My love for ENJO has grown from the kitchen and onto body care. I have also jumped onto their website and found they actually have a HUGE range that I want one of each product haha.

If you want to check out their range just head to: