Uni Hill Blogger Ambassador- Workout Wear

Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!!! The hotter months are quickly approaching and this flubby guts and thunder thighs remain. I cannot believe how quickly this has snuck up on me and how little exercise I have actually done this Winter.  I think I should just become a bear that hibernates the Winter away as that is how I feel.

But with saying that, I still have some time to knuckle down and loose that weight and exercise my butt off (literally.)

So this is where the lovely Uni Hill and myself met again on Thursday to find myself some workout gear God I have to basically peel myself away from that place, and even though I am given vouchers to spend at particular stores the sales ALWAYS drag me away from them and I duck and weave into the other stores as well.  Thankfully I was sent some vouchers from UHFO to help me find that perfect workout gear to help me shed those extra kgs.

Luckily for me when I went last week, I did not get paid so I really did have to stick to my budget and could only go a few dollars over here and there. Or else Adidas would have been the death of me, with the runners section and how CHEAP these things were.

As it says above the first store I popped into was the Adidas pop-up shop where I had $50 to spend. I dont know how long this store will be around as I know it is new and is just a pop-up store, so I would be quick to snap up their bargains. Not to sure that this was going to go very far and get much I was actually thrown back at how far my dollar could be stretched. I only went $5 over that voucher, which had me smiling from ear to ear because I walked away with a pair of trackies and also a t-shirt.

The trackies are really comfy and even tuck in that little bit of baby belly I have left. They are a purple/grey colour and have a purple printed Adidas logo up near my hip. I love these and they only set me back $30!!!!!!!! I dont think I can even buy el cheapo K-Mart track pants for that cheap.

The t-shirt was just a grey/white t-shirt that as a really cool Adidas print all over the front. This was $25 and where I spent that extra $5.

This whole outfit is perfect for the weather now though, as it gets quite chilly and you need that little bit of warmth with the pants but can get away with wearing a tee or pulling a jumper over the top of it if you dont like the cold. I cannot believe I got a whole outfit (minus the shoes and underwear) for $55, now time to put them to use and put the hard work into getting rid of these kgs.

The next store I was given a $50 voucher for was Lonsdale.

I dont think I have ever owned a piece of Lonsdale clothing as their style and that really did not appeal to me. It is not a store I would normally go shop at and only went in there as I was sent a voucher.

Some of their sportswear was very nice, but some of it even on sale was still very expensive and would have got me nowhere with my $50. But I got my bargain hunting boots on and set out for some big bargains. With the help of the staff there they pointed me to the items that were in my budget.

I ended up putting an outfit together for the warmer days, which consisted of some shorts and a singlet. I was actually taking a liking to their shorts and singlets. I didnt know how larger their range actually was until stepping foot in there door.

The shorts are a orange/red colour and are blue on the inside, they also have a single stripe up the side. They are a lighter fabric and would not stick to you when you sweat. These were $29.

Then the top was just a plain grey singlet with the white Lonsdale logo on the right hand side near the breast. This singlet was $23 dollars, which is sort of an off number, but was in fact 75% off.

All in all I think I did a great little shop at the Uni Hill Factory Outlet and love both of my working out oufits, and actually cant wait to pop them to use and take them for a real test run. I think I will try the Adidas clothes on tonight, for our little walk with the girls.