bugaboo BEE vs CHAMELEON3

I will officially be kissing the back wheels of my StriderPlus goodbye forever (Thank GOD.) I could have started that line off so differently with a whole arrangement of swear words and colourful language, as my hate for the Strider Plus runs very deep.

As of a couple of weeks ago the Bugaboo came in my life, not for keeps but just for review. But since this my life has changed, and I actually finally enjoy going to the shops rather then stressing and hanging by a string with the Strider not knowing if it will fall apart under my daughters butt.

The lovely Sophie from Bugaboo stopped on by my house on a Friday to drop the Bugaboo Chameleon3 off for trial and review and also gave me a little demonstration. Where she also asked if I would like to try out the Bee Which planted a little seed in my brain and created the idea for an article. This idea was to put these two prams to the test and compare the two with PROS and CONS and putting it all on the table to weigh up which one I would love to have as a pram.

So the first pram I will put under the microscope was the:

Bugaboo BEE $899

I felt like a little girl again with her baby dolls with this pram, and in the isles of the shop I was so tempted to “buzz around.

The steering is absolutely amazing and you can literally steer with ease with just the one hand.

I was given the Bee in Cream/ off white for review but not to sure that is the colour I would use as my kids got older. But that is the fun thing with the Bee. If you get bored of the colour you can easily go in a change up the canopy colour to a huge array of colours. Which also means as your family goes on, and you have girls or boys the pram can easily match.

The handle can easily be raised with the flick of two buttons, so this pram is great for tall or shorter people.

Buttttt my favourite thing by far would have to be the almost one touch collapse system. All you need to do is hold in one little button, push up the levers on each side and the pram does the rest of the work for you. I remember the first time doing this, I had to almost pick my jaw off the ground This was nothing like any pram or stroller I had used.

The only thing, this Bugaboo Bee was more like a stroller for me not an actually pram. But can easily go from newborn through to toddler as the seat can sit right up or lay completely flat. The Bee also grows with your child as you can pull both the backing and the bottom rest out and up, giving the child room to grow and be comfortable.  It is super light-weight and takes no effort at all getting in and out of the boot. This pram is known as a travellers pram as it would be perfect for that travelling family and take up hardly any space.
Which is probably the reason why this pram would not be for this family, we really like a bigger pram and this is very much on the small side. Not to mention my partner and I seem to breed larger children with my youngest daughter weighing in at almost 10 pound when she was born!

The next pram to be put to the test was the

Bugaboo Chameleon3 $1399

A tear comes to my eye when thinking I could be pushing around this pram instead of the shitty Strider I now call mine (excuse my language but I just could not help myself, this thing gets me so angry.)

This pram is so easy to use and can be used in soooooo many ways, which is where my love for this pram started to blossom. 
The main reason for buying the Strider is so I could have my daughter facing me or be around the other way to see the world.  I will never, EVER forget the time my eldest daughter almost choked on her own vomit, even turning blue in the pram. This is why now, when I have a youngen in the pram I have them facing me at all times, just in case!  This pram can do that and with so many more benefits, which I will explain down below.

Firstly if you like you can turn the seat around forward or backward facing but just pushing in two button either side of the seat. Or if you would like you can just flip the handle to the other side with the flick of a button. This is also greta because means you are also switching the wheels over. When you have the child facing you when changing the handle over it means the big wheels are at the front, which is great for those rougher terrains allowing the wheels to easily get over little rocks and bumps in the ground. This mode is also known as park mode, as you can easily get around the park with the big wheels at the front.

A cool bonus when buying a bugaboo you can easily jump online to http://www.bugaboo.com/learn/bugaboo-cameleon and have a look at their easy to watch and learn demonstrations on how to use and work the pram online. I was watching them like my girls watch Mickey Mouse, ohhing and ahhing with my eyes glued to the screen.

Now another thing this pram has that I was extremely disappointed in with my Strider is a seat that can fully lay down, so your child actually looks comfortable when falling asleep in the pram rather then looking all curled up and squished. But the thing I LOVE about the Chameleon3 is the seat can also be sat upright, and I am talking right up properly like a seat, which is something the Strider Plus4 NEVER could do and really frustrates me as my children are older. So when my daughter jumped in for a ride she didnt have to hold herself up in a sitting position and could sit back and relax, while the chameleon sat her up. It is also a much smoother ride then the other pram and there is no need to worry about air in the tires as they are made from a type of solid foam.

Another really nifty thing that will really come in handy when going to QLD is the pram has a beach mode.. Where you pop the seat in and collapse the pram up without the front wheels on, and you just basically drag the pram along for an easy ride in the sand.

But for me the selling point would have to be the seat that can also double as a feeding chair (genius and dont know why all pram companies dont do this.)
You just take the chair off the pram and then you can easily sit it on the ground like a mini highchair or rocker and then have the child down with you on the picnic rug eating and watching away.

Just like its little sister the Bee you can also change the colours up on the pram, so if you get sick and tired of the same old colours you can just buy new ones rather then buying a whole new pram. I am in love with this burnt orange shade that was sent to me though and could go with either a little boy or girl and is very much a unisex colour.  This pram also comes with a bassinet, where as the Bee does not and your advised to buy like a cocoon and pop it in there for the newbie babes.

It is so hard to pick which one I would love to have as a pram as they both have their pros and cons and would be suitable for different families. But after a really long debate with my partner we decided that if we were to pick one of these prams we would certainly go with the Chameleon3. For me this is the pram I only dreamt of, and am kicking myself now I spend so much money on a Strider Plus4 two years ago, only to have it fall apart under my family.. So much for spending more money on a pram that was meant to last our whole family through and we are only half way GRRR!
To give a little Daddies touch to the review, the reason why my partner like this pram is he found it was much easier to steer being over 6 foot. And found if he took a corner a little fast in the Bee he would almost tip the pram (rev head much?)
He also like the different ways he could use this pram and how easy it was to work it. So for him not too much thought had to go into picking the Chameleon3 over the Bee.

I wonder if Bugaboo would notice if I sent the Strider back instead of the Chameleon3 hahah. Of course they would because theirs is all quality where as the Strider is all arse!!