Tried and Tested: Okiedog

Finding that perfect bag for my little ones is hard work, and often I buy a bag that does not fit them properly or the straps don’t go small enough so they are left with a bag that is dragging behind them.
So I jumped online to see if there was any stores or brands that could help me out, and this is where I found Okiedog. 

Okiedog’s latest edition to their nappy bag portfolio are children bags. They cater for ages 2-6 years old and have children’s different needs in mind. Their design language ranges from cute animal characters for the very young ones to bold and bright colours for older kids.

Okiedog children bags are designed with love. They comply with all safety standards, have high quality and are made from very durable materials. As all our okiedog bags, our children bags are:
and BPA-free.

The range that really interested me was the wildpack range. They are basically bags that look like little cute animals. There are 6 adorable animals to pick from at the moment, which include: Panda, Tiger, Elephant, Rabbit, Dog and Dragon. Being animals there is no real girly ones or ones made pacifically for boys, they are all very much unisex bags.
You can match your childs backpack, trolley, lunch bag and suitcase.

Wildpack bags are water resistant, easy to clean and very light weight. Due to their soft shell and their 3D shape they are truly a new breed amongst all other animal bags.

The two bags we were sent were in the dog design and my youngest did not actually know it was a bag to begin with.

Wildpack backpack "Dog"
                                               3D design

                                          Water resistant

                                 Interior write-on name tag

                                        Adjustable straps

                                       Interior mesh pocket

This is perfect for my 2 year old, and small enough for her to carry on her back with all her daily snacks, nappy and face wipes. It fits everything nicely in the mesh pocket inside so things aren’t left flying around everywhere! But then on top of the mesh pocket there is enough room to pop a light jumper. Im not to sure that you could use this as a school bag or anything like that though as it is quite small and suitable for the younger aged kids. But it would work for my 5yo kinder bag as she only takes a snack and jumped to kinder.
As I said above my youngest to begin with did not even know this was a bag and pretended like it was her puppy, making woof noises while pulling it along on the ground. But when I actually popped it on her back and showed her what it actually was, I have to hide the bag when we don’t need it as she just wont take the thing off her back haha.

Wildpack trolley "Dog"
- new 3D design
- water resistant
- interior write-on name tag
- interior mesh pocket
- height with extended handle: 48cm (18.9in)

My eldest daughter often has a sleep over with her grandma and is forever having to take a huge backpack that just doesn’t fit on her back and I am left trying to carry her bag in, my handbag and then my youngest daughter in my other arm. So I needed something she would actually like to take and want to carry herself. That is where the trolley’s from Okiedog are perfect. The handles are made for little ones, so they don’t struggle to pull the little cases along. The shell is also hard, which protects all my daughter’s belongings inside.
The only thing with these bags is that you will only be able to fit one set of pj’s in them and a change of clothes. We also JUST crammed my daughters boots in there, which was great. I have heard a few people say, ‘Aww look how cute that girls bag is.’ I even had an older lady stop me and ask where I bought the bag.’ I didn’t actually buy these bags either, I was gifted them from the amazing people at Okiedog for review purposes. But with saying that all these words and opinions are my own, and I have not in anyway been paid to talk up Okiedog.

There are some retailers that sell these bags, but I would love to see them become more available on the shelves. But Okiedog also do deliveries Australia wide for a flat $10 shipping. Customers can buy our products on the website