Review- Hot Shoe Shuffle

Hot Shoe Shuffle

When I first saw this I thought to myself, ‘Umm, I don’t think I will go to this one as it is just not up my alley.’ If I had listened to myself I would have actually been kicking myself in the head.
Last night I lost my standing ovation virginity J this is the first show I have been to that was a standing ovation for me. I have been to some big shows like King Kong, Legally Blonde, Warhorse and more but yet this was the first time a cast got me to my feet at the end of the show.

I found myself throughout the night tapping my hands on my knees, or finding my feet tapping away (it really is contagious.)

Hot Shoe Shuffle tells a story of the Seven Tap Brothers, Spring(Bobby Fox), Slap(Morgan Junor-Larwood), Buck(Rob Mallet), Wing(Mitchell Hicks), Tip(Alexander Kermond), Tap(Max Patterson) and Slide(Mason) who learn of the death of their long-absent father, who has left them millions of dollars. The only catch is that they have to perform his legendary ‘Act’ The Hot Shoe Shuffle. But not only that they have to include their “Sister” April, who before seeing them in the lawyers office they had never even heard of.

Spring had his doubts from the very beginning of April and thought she was just a gold digger after her share in their Dad’s inheritance. And to make matters worse April has two left feet and has no beat what so ever, I think even her heart would beat irregular to be honest. This put a huge rift in April and Spring’s relationship although the other 6 brothers loved her and would have tried their moves had she not been their sister. Buuuuuutttt (If you are wanting to watch this show LOOK AWAY.) April is to loyal and cannot lie to this boys that she has only heard stories of all her life, so she comes clean telling the boys she isn’t their sister but the daughter of one of their Dad’s performers from back in the day.

They have kept it as much to the old Broadway show, down to the props, costumes and all. At the start of the show I had a flick through the program to get a little low-down on what was to come, and the program had original photos from the original show. Then when I was watching the show, I actually thought it was this cast and had to double check with the photos to see if my eyes were deceiving me, but sure enough they weren't. This was one thing I really loved about this show, that you were taken back in time and watching a show probably my mum and grandmother had watched! 

My jaw dropped to the ground and I found myself gasping, whoahing and oohing all through the show. Their tap skills were absolutely phenominal and the choreography was PERFECT, and not a step out of place. To begin with I thought that the tap noises were actually fake or pre-recorded. But as I really paid attention to the moves and sounds I realised that in fact that were the real deal and something like I have never seen before in my life. I cannot go past April’s (Jaz Flower) voice, I was actually taken away at her pitch and voice control. There were parts throughout the show where there was no background music and it was just her voice, and I must say she was perfect in every single way. Her outfits towards the end of the show were absolutely glamorous and very much in the 40’s era.

Featuring hits from the 1940s including  Long Ago & Far Away, I Get Along Without You Very Well, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off, Shall We Dance, Puttin’ On The Ritz, I Got A Gal In Kalamazoo, I Don’t’ Mean A Thing and Mood Indigo. Teaming the hits with a stellar cast, Hot Shoe Shuffle is finally performed in the tradition of the best Broadway musicals.

Afterwards we were very lucky enough to be invited across the roads to Bobby McGee’s which is an absolutely PERFECT place to take a Hot Shoe Shuffle after party to, as it fits right in with the era.

I was surprised at how lovely all the boys and Jaz were, and how much they wanted to make conversations with you and really genuinely get to know you! This was a money cannot buy experience that I will cherish for as long as I live and tell to everybody that will listen. Not to mention I walked away with a fully signed program.


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