Review: STOMP

I left all the glitz and glam at home last night and instead headed off to the junkyard.. Not a real junkyard of course but a junkyard within the Comedy Theatre that was STOMP.  I had really high expectations for this show for some reason, and they lived up to them. 

Coming from a person that has two left feet, the beats and rhythm were awesome and had me sitting there tapping either my feet or my hands. It was also really great that the cast got the audience
involved and made them get into it with clapping, clicking, stomping and tapping.

There was a part in the show I had no idea what they were using until about a minute in. Then I realised they were using a matchbox to make what sounded to me loud filing of nails.
In it’s lifetime STOMP has consumed over 50,000 boxes of matches, 30,000 brooms, 20,000 bins, 10,000 drumsticks and 25,000 litres of black paint applied with 737 paint rollers.

STOMP has become a global phenomenon over the last 22 years.  Its universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance has resonated with audiences throughout the world, setting feet stamping, fingers drumming and adrenalin rushing for over 15 million people in 50 countries across 5 continents

Melbourne – 20 to 25 August
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My favourite part of the show would have to have been when the theatre went completely dark and you could not see anything. Then all of a sudden you see little sparks and can smell Zappo fluid. They make beats with the lighter, and all you can see is the lighter flames. This also had many of the audience members in total awe as you could hear the gasps and people whoahing away.

Using the entire set and stage they use so many different things to create music. From bins, brooms, lids, trolleys, buckets and even the kitchen sink. You can tell the guys and girls up on stage love what they are doing, as there is always a smile and a little joke around here and there. I have no idea how they can be so in sync and even pull an amazing beat from it, my brain just could not process.

The only negative about this show was the fact it went for over an hour and a half and how long you went without an intermission. But later I learnt that with shows that go for an hour and a half you often don’t find there is no intermission. You could tell at the lighter part people were getting fidgety and I even heard some moans and sighs from the audience. If there was an intermission that would have been the icing on the cake, but unfortunately there was not.