Tried and Tested: candle Jewels

Usually I will not buy candles as my mother and I actually make pure soy wax candles ourselves and sell them.  But this is something totally different and such a great idea, and concept.
Candle Jewels are a company that have brought candles and a girls bestfriend together. No I am not talking about people, or chocolate but more like a little bling on your finger J That is right in every single candle bought from Candle Jewels you get a complementary ring valued no less then $30 and going all the way up to $7,000.

Although I am not completely sure how you would get the price of the ring, unless you went to the jeweller to have them valued. But for me I don’t mind, I get my monies worth and the smell of these candles is worth every cent, and the ring is just a huge added bonus.

I will admit burning my first candle I wished it would just hurry up, so I could see the ring…. But I waited and waited and waited, but no matter how long I waited the candle just kept burning.  I had this candle burning for three days on and off, but got about 135hrs from it.  But when you do eventually get down to the bottom you will find a little foil wrapped ring. Inside that foil you will also find a tiny zip lock bag, so every ring never comes in contact with the wax. Then after you peel off the little zip lock you will find your beautiful ring, safe and un-touched.

The smell that filled my entire house just by burning the one candle in the lounge room was amazing. I was sent two different scent and they were Tropical Paradise and also Fairy Floss.

Tropical Paradise was purple and had the most amazing smell I have ever smelt before and will be buying more come Summer time J The main scent I love in this would have to be the pineapple.

Fairy Floss was my favourite by far and was super sweet and wasn’t sickening sweet but more the smell your nose is greeted with at the circus or the Melbourne Show. I do love this so much, and cannot wait to buy these for my friends and family as gifts.

My mums birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I had no idea what to buy her, but now I know exactly what to get her and KNOW she will love it loads. And I can remain her FAVOURITE daughter hehehe (only kidding if your reading this.)

These are the rings I received in my candles
People often ask Candle Jewels how they can afford to put such expensive rings in our candles. The truth is, they buy their rings wholesale and in bulk, so they are able to give you quality jewellery. In every candle you will find a ring valued over $30, over $100, over $200, over $500, over $1000, over $2000 or all the way up to $7000.

All of their candles are hand-made and presented in a fine hand-blown glass jar. They also use quality soy wax and dyes to create candles that look almost too good to light - but once you do, the beautiful scents will make you glad you did.

The candles are approximately 1.2kg. As their glass jars are hand-blown, each one is slightly different - all are approximately 16cm high with a 9cm diameter. The average burn time of our candles is 120 hours.