Mooseworld- Saturday 24th August

On Saturday morning we entered a whole new world, and that world went by the name of Mooseworld.
Mooseworld was set up at Smart Artz Gallery in South Melbourne, which I will add is a stunning little area in a great spot.
The huge open space was literally packed with toys and different spaces that the kids could have a little play and get a feel for the Moose toys that are out and to be released.

We were greeted at the door by the beauties from Undertow Media and given a little raffle ticket for the door prize. Finally I got to put a face to all this backward and forward emailing with Phoebe. I dont know how or why, but when you are emailing someone you create a little image in your head of what a person would look like in real life. So it is great to meet someone face to face and makes it all the more enjoyable to send off them emails. But anywhoooo.

Watching the girls faces as we stepped foot into the Smart Artz Gallery was absolutely priceless. Their eyes could not open any larger and their mouths could not open any further. But luckily enough I could keep them by my side long enough to get their name tags off, but as soon as they were on the girls were off.  

Hayley headed to the Glitzi Globes table where she was lucky enough to create her very own glitter snow dome. I love that a very old thing is still being made and played with, although I never remembered being able to create my own. Once you have picked what you would like in the dome, you add your water and use the clamping tool thing and seal off your glitzi globe. Then there are really cute accessories where you can turn your glitzi globes into necklaces, rings, bracelets and so much more. 
Hayley ended up making to glitzi globes, one for herself and one for her sister Madison, which I thought was super cute and caring. Theres are new from Moose and even took out two awards this year:
·      2013 "Craft & Activity Toy of the Year" (Glitzi Globes), Australian Toy Association
·      2013 "Australian Development Award" (Glitzi Globes), Australian Toy Association

After Hayley finished creating at the Glitzi Globe stand where Madison stood watching on, they ran straight for The Zelfs. The Zelfs is one of Mooses newest releases and are just rolling into stores now. They are really cute little mystical creatures that almost look like and elf and a troll has babies. The one thing I love about the Zelfs is their eyes, they are almost real like and really make their faces come to life. I think 90 percent of the day Madison spent it here playing away and stacking The Zelfs up and evening grabbing a Bright Light Pillow and making a bed for them. I want my girls to collect these, as I love them and would love an excuse to go and buy them and reveal a surprise (you dont get to see what you are getting with the smaller Zelfs.) The reason why I am leaving this so short and sweet is because I will be popping a detailed review up shortly that will give you some great insight into The Zelfs and their world. J

I mentioned above that Madison got her hands on a Bright Light pillow, and tears were shed when I told her she had to put it back! She loves these kind of things in bed with her, and doesnt like anything to bright and that stays on all night. This is an incredibly soft pillow that lights up and changes colours. The lights inside are LED lights so they give off a beautiful bright light, but the cushion itself dims it down and perfects the pillow. I think Santa may have to bring Madison one of these for Xmas, but now I think about it I may get her one for her travels to QLD.

In the middle of the room was a huge table filled with Micro Chargers and many different tracks and battle domes for the kids to have a play and get a feel for them. Madison can become a real tomboy at times and will only want a car and a truck, and a little streak of that came out when she saw the table in the middle of the room. Her Daddy and her played there for a good 20mins and only left as there were other kids that wanted to have a turn J The Micro Chargers can and will provide hours of fun for both kids and those big kids to!

The area my girls spend most of the day was at the Trash Pack section. When these first came out my girls were invited to have a play and were sent a pack. Since then their love has grown and the Trashies have become popular worldwide and have really taken off. The way I describe them to my friends and family is like little knuckles only they are what you would find in a trashcan only turned into cool gruesome toys. Actually we were SUPER lucky enough to have won one of the smaller (but massive in our eyes) Limited Edition Trash Pack play set. So I wont go into to much detail here, but when the prize arrives I will post a little review on it with photos and all that you can have a little looksee for yourself.

Of course there were lots more of things thanks to Moose to play with here, but we were so busy and had to leave to head straight to the footy. Unfortunately we just ran out of time and did not get to see them all. But I am sure you will hear me talking about them on my blog as I will make it my mission to let all you beauties out there know about all the awesome and wonderful products from Moose.

There was also a little nail bar there where us Mummies (and Daddies) could treat themselves to a hand massage and even have their nails painted (for free!!) And next to that were some very yummy snacks and treats, which Madison found almost in the first 5 mintutes!!

Lastly I would love to send a HUGE thank you to Moose and also Undertow for allowing me, and the family to be apart of it and for treating them to a really fun morning. I will say there was tears shed walking out the door as they didnt want to leave, but the amazing goodie bags soon dried up those tears!