Spring has Sprung

Today marks the last day of Winter, although I would not have known it if I had gone by the weather. It was a lovely sunny 22 degrees today and my entire family hit the town in tees and shorts, it was quite nice. This Winter has not been a very cold one though, which has made me quite sad as I am very much a Winter girl rather then a Summer hot weather girl.  I find it so much easier to get warmer then I do to cool myself down, plus I love cold nights because I need to sleep with a blanket (security issues.)

Over this coming weeks I will be pumping some posts through with some Spring Scents and some new Spring makeup. With the changing of seasons come a lot of other changes such as perfume, clothing, makeup and even nail polish. You will see this entire transition on my blog, and hopefully see me sporting a nice tan. I love how things become a lot brighter and lighter, this is my main love for the hotter season.  

I have also noticed all the lovely blooms that have popped their heads out in the warmer weather. Our street is full of big cherry blossom trees, so taking a drive down it is stunning… But for me and my car it can get a little bit of pain in the you-know-where as it looks like some one went to town with the confetti on it.

Oh, oh, ohhh how could I forget.. with Spring also comes the SPRING RACING CARNIVAL!!! Yay, I get excited just saying it as it means I get an excuse to frock up and strut my stuff on the turf (and hopefully walk out more of a winner then a loser haha.)

Well time to get started on my first post