Early Daddy's Day Present- Silver Bullet Metro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

LATE FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA- And also an early one for the Daddy of this home!

Last year I bought my Mr M (My partner and my girls Dad) a body trimmer as he like to keep it clean… I don’t want to embarrass him too much, and know he doesn’t read my blog, but the only hair he keeps is on his head and under his arms. The rest he doesn’t like having.
The body trimmer I bought for him last year was not the best one, and now being a year old has gotten really slow and even beginning to pinch him. I know his not getting a good trim out of this as I have noticed he has the Winter Coat going on, and just uses it hear and there!

So when I saw this land in my inbox, it gave me the perfect idea on what to get him… But it turns out I was gifted it and just told him it was an early present with a few other things to follow on Father’s Day (Totally in the good books now haha.) But Shhhushh this is our little secret and for him to NEVER find out. “THIS” of course is the:

Silver Bullet Metro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer              
RRP from $59.95

The Silver Bullet Metro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer features 4 attachment combs for every

desired hair length including 12.7mm (1/2”), 6.3mm (1/4”), 3.2mm (1/8”) and 1.5mm (1/16”). The Silver Bullet Metro also includes lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. The blade is detachable allowing for easy peasy cleaning.
The reason for giving it to him for an early Father’s Day present is because sneakily I wanted to pop in a little review before Father’s Day came so Mummies out there can see what they are like and if it is up their alley for the Daddies in their lives.

He gave it a go last night as he is going for the shabby stubble look, but can’t stand the feeling on his neck when it starts to get hairy. So he gave it a go, and the first sign of excitement in his eyes was as soon as he turned it on and it buzzed away. The first one he owned NEVER, ever sounded this good even on his first use. It was done within a minute and there were no red marks or anything.

Actually I was so surprised at how quickly he trimmed his entire body hair off. I love that it doesn’t take long, because it means I can get in the shower and bathroom quicker.

One big plus he liked was that it has different heads for the trimmer, meaning he doesn’t have to shave it down to the skin. And come Summer and the festival season I have found h actually likes to grow a bit of a longish beard… I know that doesn’t make sense and you would think in Winter you would want a beard to keep your face warmer not in Summer when it is already hot haha; MEN!

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