North Melbourne Finally play 4 quarters!!


 Finally playing a full 4 quarters and bringing home a HUGE unexpected win for us J If only we had have been playing like this all those rounds ago, we might be sitting nicely on the ladder!! 
To top it off before the game began, I had a beer at LiveWire at Etihad Stadium. And 10mins before the bounce the announce a winner of the Carlton Draught MiniBar, which is pretty much your own private bar with all you can eat, and all you can drink (beer, wine, softy THE LOT.) Well anyway there were two re-draws and then all of a sudden I heard my name get called out Then I thought to myself ‘Ohh god PLEASE don’t try to pronounce my last name’ So I quickly popped my hand out and made a power walk to the bar.

This is when our very own bar tender escorted us to our bar and stayed there giving us all the drinks and food we could want. And let me tell you for 8 people A LOT of food and alcohol made it to the bar. Lets just say, no kids, a big win and the night got messy!

But anyway, I had a good feeling for some reasons about winning tonight (maybe mothers instinct for my baby Roos J ) So I thought I would get in the spirit and put my new AFL Nails pack to use.

Finally there is a nail polish brand out there that has teamed up with AFL  and made nail polish kits for us footy loving girls.
I have bought endless amounts of polish to try and match them with my footy Guernsey.

The brand that has take the first bounce is Ulta3
So now you can show your true team colours and spirit with:

Ulta3’s Official AFL Fan Nails
Each pack is only RRP $9.95
Get behind your team by painting your nails with your team colour. No matter what team you barrack for there is a fan nails pack for you!
Each ulta3 AFL Fan Nails pack includes 3 official team colours, as well as nail tip guides and an AFL emery board. Everything you need to create your perfect AFL look will be at the tip of your fingers now that the footy season is really heating up!

I think the reason why Ulta3 is much loved by us Aussie’s is because it is a good formula and lasts a decent amount of time. But I think the main reason it is loved by us Aussie’s is because of the simple fact Ulta3 has made their nail polishes so affordable.

Ulta3 has kicked a big pill straight through the sticks with this one and straight on par with target. I love these packs and if I weren’t such a die-hard North Melbourne supporter I would collect them all.

Supporters can now show their team spirit in a fun and fashionable way on game day with their “footy tips” fingernails painted in their team colours and nail art looks.

Here is a really cool bit of fact I was sent, and wanted to share with you!
Caitlin Keaney, brand manager for ulta3, says “it’s amazing that nobody has thought of this before. Females currently account for over 40% of current AFL or club members, over 40% of game day attendees and make up more than 43% of those who watch footy on television each week. Plus there are over 100,000 females who play the game around the country. We’re glad we can give all these women their own special way of showing their true colours!”

Footy “tipping” has taken on a new meaning thanks to ulta3’s AFL Fan Nails.

Stockists include selected pharmacies, AFL stores, and Club Merchandising stores. AFL Fan Nails are also available in participating Supermarkets and Mass market retailers . 

Call 1800 181 040 to find your nearest stockist.