My Heavenly Clean House

Today I found myself running around the house cleaning like I was nesting or something (NO, I am not pregnant.) But who would have thought that when you are sent cleaning product, it would motivate you to clean… I wouldn’t mind if someone would send me a maid in the mail haha.

But I was sent a Heavenly Home pack from the beautiful Sascha ( I wont say where from.) After cleaning the house my house smelt heavenly and there was not a germ left on any surface I don’t think.

The first product that was in my heavenly home pack was:

Ajax Spray n Wipe Multipurpose Wipes 40pack tub. RRP $4.99
You can refill these with your choice of Antibacterial or Long Lasting Fragrance. I gave both of these guys a crack (with the help of my daughter who loves to help clean the house.) I like using the antibacterial in the kitchen, for that piece of mind and for the fact that food prep is done on the benches. And for the rest of the house I love using the Long Lasting Fragrance as it just leaves the house smelling beautiful and for a prolonged amount of time to. And its not a perfume smell or anything like that but more a fresh clean Apple smell, like that you smell when you walk into a hotel.

I have a laundry hoarding problem and whenever I see powder or softener on special I feel inclined to buy it (even if I don’t need it!!) So when these came I gave a little shriek as I had seen them on the shelf but was never on special so I never got around to purchasing either of them.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch 1L Liquid rrp $9.99 and also the Cold Power Sensitive Touch 1kg Powder $9.99
Now I have used some cold power product before and loved it as I did not have to waste any of my hot water on the washing machine. And my clothes came out cleaner then ever. This stuff is exactly the same as the normal Cold Power except there is no smell and it doesn’t irritate the skin. We have recently found out that our youngest gets irritated skin really easily and have to be super careful what we use on her skin and washing products. She broke out in a horrible rash that almost looked like bleeding eczema, all because I used a powder that smelt amazing L I wash all her clothes separate from ours now and use this stuff. I prefer the liquid as no matter what there is never any residue and I find it is a deeper clean. 

Cuddly Magic Moments in Rosy Love 800mL
Is what I use with the Cold Power to make our (not Madisons) clothes smell divine. When I use this product I find that my entire house smells, as it just lingers out of the laundry and that is with the door closed. I would love to try the other scents in this as I love the Rose scent but don’t know it would be my favourite. My clothes come out super soft when using this and it is best used with towels. It keeps them fluffy and soft and not hard and crunchy like my previous “softener” did!

And then came the huge pile of dishes that had been calling my name all morning.. DREAD! I hate dishes and I think I really need to invest in a dishwasher as the whole hand washing dishes kills me. I will have to wait until our new kitchen is put in though, which could be a while (waaaah.)  Anyway when I do hand wash my dishes I like a product where I don’t have to use much liquid and a product that doesn’t leave my dishes slimy and full of product. So this is where Sascha sent me:

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate 750mL $4.99 in antibacterial lemon, but you can get this is four other variants: Original, Zesty Lemon & Lime and Soothing Aloe Very Dry Skin. The Aloe Vera wouldn’t do anything for me anyway as I wash my dishes with gloves on, as it has taken a toll on my poor nails and cuticles. But I need literally two drops of this product in a sink full of steaming hot water to get my dishes sparkling. One thing I did notice with Palmolive is when my wine glass dried off after being washed I was left with a sparkling, squeaky (literally), clean glass. I love the results I got with this dishwashing liquid and think I will continue to buy it (until I get my dishwashers of course.)

So now my house is nice and clean and smelling nice, I just have to sit back and wait to do it all again tomorrow after the little “angels” turn the house upside and create more work for Mummy. This makes me tired just thinking about it haha.