Tried and Tested: Sally Hansen- Fuzzy Coat

What do I do on a day like this you ask.....? 

My nails of course :-) Lately I have been quite obsessive over my nails, and getting some colours onto them that I would not usually wear. But the polishes that add texture to my nails really get me intrigued. There are so many different types out on the market these days such as velvet nails, sand nails, crackle nails, caviar nails and of course the fuzzy nails.
This is where Sally Hansen has jumped on board with their Fuzzy Coat.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat is $9.95
Imagine textured nails with 3D fabric finishes in a flash! Transform your manicure with Sally Hansen’s newest nail innovation: Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color.
Taking inspiration from the strong textural themes at the latest runway shows, Sally Hansen has developed a new, exclusive special effect formula that makes nails the focal point of any look. The breakthrough formula goes where no nail color has gone before, creating eye-catching optical effects and adding lust-worthy texture to your manicure. Blurred, woven and marbled fiber looks resembling hand-spun yarn are combined in a multidimensional network of color to create a matte finish with a fibered texture effect.
When I tried out these nail colors, it actually played tricks on my eyes. My eyes found it hard to focus on them and did come across fuzzy. When the nail polish dries it also shrinks bringing up the strips of colour in there creating that texture feeling.
I was sent a few different colours and my standout favourite was certainly the Tight Knit, which is a blue and white colour. I think the reason I like this is because it is my AFL teams colour, although after this weekend I am not to sure I can wear them proudly so I might stick to the Wool Lite shade, which is a pretty pink and goes with everything!
It is funny though, no matter how much I tell myself to leave my nails alone. I cannot help but touch them and feel how strange and rigid they feel! These are also great for my nails, as at the moment I am fighting some ugly nail ridges haaha!
I also love that there are no rules with this polish and you can easily mix and match them to change the colour and finish up :- I actually have quite a lot of fun doing this to be honest. I have popped above my favourite combo, which I used Fuzz-Sea and Tight Knit.  Another thing I will add is how quickly these polishes dry, although you need to really let them rest or else the texture will wipe right off (can be a little deceiving.)
The three polishes I was sent for review were:

Tight Knit- Which has green and a light yellow shade of strips throughout it.

Fuzz-Sea- Which is my North Melbourne polish having blue and white strips throughout it. I love this polish so much and know it will be used right to the last drop.
Wool Lite- Which is the pink I love to wear with everything J It is a light baby pink colour and is one I will be wearing to my friends baby shower this weekend, as she is having a girl!

HOW TO USE IT: Shake gently and apply 2-3 thin coats. Fuzzy Coat can be used alone or on top of any Sally Hansen Nail Colour. I only had to use two coats and I found I liked that look a lot. I also love putting one layer of colour on my nails and then the fuzz coat on top, it makes for a really pretty, different look.
Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color is available in 7 beautifully textured shades: Wool Lite, All Yarned Up, Peach Fuzz, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea, Wool Knot & Tweedy.
Available 1st August from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, Chemist Warehouse and independent pharmacies nationally.
For stockists please call 1800 812 663.