Tried and Tested: Royal Apothic Hand Cream

What girl doesn’t wish she were a Princess, or even just a member of the Royal family? I know I would dream of becoming a Royal and having everything at my feet (literally.) So this is where I came across Royal Apothic and its real “Royal” Feel.

Recently landed in Australia from the US, Royal Apothic is heralded for its highly sought after fragrances for women and the home. Founder Sean O’Mara was inspired to launch Royal Apothic on finding an 18th century apothecary manual created for European Royalty in a Notting Hill bookstore.

This collection of hand-crafted fragrance, bath, body and home products truly awakens memories and infuses whimsy into everyday life. A single trace of an aroma can instantly unlock a memory or change your mood.

I was invited by the lovely Stephanie to experience the rich past of Europe’s finest era in the form of Royal Apothic. This was an offer I just couldn’t refuse.
The blends that are used are unlike anything you can find in the shops these days and truly are in a league of their own.
I was sent the
Holland Park Hand Crème RRP $27.95
This soft White Floral scent features top notes of Lemon, Magnolia, and Peach, middle notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, and Lily of the Valley, over a base of powedery White Musk.
Which when applied to my hands and brought up to my face really reminded me of sitting in my great grandmothers house, which was filled with really old things and lots of fresh flowers. I could even picture our Queen wearing something like this. Or if I ever met her (DREAMING) I would think that this is the scent she would have on.
This is not a scent I would actually wear myself as a perfume or anything, as it is a little bit too old for me. But I am more then happy to use it on my hands and skin. Once it sets into my skin it holds a completely different scent and just gives off a real light floral scent.
The real reason why I will continue to use this cream, even if it is not a preferred scent is because the results I get with my hands. The formula does not leave your hands oily or slimy, but keep them soft and hydrated for longer then most hand creams I have used. I love that my hands are made soft and silky as soon as coming in contact with the thick cream held in the beautifully presented tube.
The tube itself looks like it is straight from the 18th Century and nothing like you see these days. Very plain and simple with an old school print, which I love that they have kept that look going!

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