I am a Uni Hill Blogger Ambassador- Father's Day Morning Tea

Before yesterday I felt like a dog running around in circles chasing my tail trying to figure out what on Earth I could get for my Dad.
I had some ideas but they just weren’t good enough and were all something I had bought before in the years prior to now.

Along with some other bloggers, I was invited by the lovelies from 360Immerse and also Uni Hill Factory Outlet to UHFO for a Father’s Day morning tea. The table was filled with lots of yummy goodies like cupcakes, cookies and mini doughnuts all provided from the food court of UHFO.

Firstly we were greeted by the girls themselves who then introduced us to Emma from Cosmetic Fragrance Direct to inspire us to find the perfect aftershave for the men in our lives.

Emma brought in 3 different fragrances all with different smells to them and ingredients. The three fragrances were:
Versace Eros 50mL $76-
Versace Eros is for a Man who is both heroic and passionate, like a Greek God. Eros is a Crisp scent which depicts and emphasizes power and sensuality. Eros is the fragrance that interprets masculinity with an intense and vibrant freshness from top notes of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apple together with an addictive sensuality delivered by Woody Oriental notes of Tonka Beans, Amber, Cedarwood, Geranium Flower and Vanilla.

I love this one as it has a very fresh and crisp smell that gets my hormones pumping. The smell is filled with many different scents that all work together to create a masculine masterpiece. With saying that though I don’t think I have ever smelt a fragrance from Versace, I did not like. This was voted by Emma and also myself as the favourite, but a close call with Roches Man.

Dolce and Gabbana The One Sport 50mL $49-
The One for Men Sport is a more vibrant version of the original fragrance, The One. Energetic notes of Grapefruit and Artemisia give the fragrance a life of its own while Rosemary and Cardamom are reminiscent of a hot Mediterranean summer. The One for Men Sport is the essential accessory for today’s active man.

  The Dolce and Gabbana The One Sport has a very subtle wood smell but with a peppery kick. I did not like this one very much as it was very peppery and the rosemary really showed through. Although if my grandfather was still alive I would more then likely buy this one for him. I think this one would mainly be targeted to the older men, as I could not picture a younger man wearing this spicy mix. J

Roches Man 100mL $59-
Released in 1999, Rochas Man is an enticing blend of coffee, lavender, amber and sandalwood. Its aroma is sweet, yet masculine. Although it is quite a casual fragrance, it still embodies the brand’s signature class and style.

This fragrance was really sweet and almost one I would wear myself. It did remind me of a female perfume I had smelt before but I just couldn’t put my nose on it. All the scents included in this fragrance were very sweet and subtle. There was also the scent of coffee in there, which I couldn’t smell until Emma mentioned it.  This fragrance belongs to the oriental/wood family and one that almost takes out the title for my favourite.

When you first smelt the fragrances you could not really tell the scents that went into the final product. But when reading the ingredients on paper and then going back to smell the fragrance all the smells tend to show through. I have a feeling for Father’s Day my dad will more then likely be receiving some brand new manly fragrance.

Then after the lovely Emma spared us some of her time and talked us through all these fragrances we were left to have a play and get creating with Kaisercraft.

On the table in front of us we found a bunch of Kaisercraft items and what looked to be a toolbox already made at the end of the table. Back in the day I used to be really into scrapbooking and loved creating things, so when I saw this I was so excited. It took just over an hour I think to create our very own toolboxes for the men in our life. I loved doing this and the tool box now sits in the lounge room and doubles as a remote control holder :-p which luckily my partner did not disagree with.

After we created our amazing Kaisercraft piece we were sent on a little amazing race thing only Uni Hill FO style. We were partnered up and given a little white envelope. Inside the envelope were two little cards and a list of retailers that were taking part with this challenge.  One of the cards were a little hunt type thing for a dad theme, the other card was a little amazing race type challenge where we needed to take three different pics and put them on instagram.

I partnered with Nikita(another blogger) and were given the challenge of finding things for the “Big Kid Dad”- the kind of dad that still thinks he is one of the kids. One who thinks the whoopee cushion was the best creation ever and a frozen lasagne Is one of the best dishes.

So for “Our Big Kid Dad” we ducked into the party shop and grabbed some super sized sunglasses, a whoopee cushion and silly string. Almost everything a Big Kids Dad would need.

Just a few shops up we spotted EB Games and both looked at each other and thought we would find a great big kids thing in here.  We found an Adventure Time backpack and a Tetris stress block (as being a Dad must be VERY stressful haha.)

But we kept walking to see if we could find anything else, this is where we found Capz store and asked the lovely guy in there what would be your perfect accessory for the big kid dad. He quickly went over to the wall and promised we would bring this back, and when we agreed he pulled off a MASSIVE flexicap hat off the wall. This is what we thought would be our secret winning weapon!

Next we went to Typo to find a cute card, which read Dad you are RAD on the front J PERFECT, we were now done and only in 15minutes.

To our surprise we actually won the best themed Dad J And the very generous lovelies at UHFO gave us some extra vouchers to do some more shopping for our Dads; I was over the moon.

On our seats there were goodie bags waiting for us which had some really pretty products in there like a Cap from Capz for Dad, a MOR pack for us ladies and a heap of vouchers.

I could not help myself, I went and picked up my daughter from kinder and returned to Uni Hill Factory Outlet to spend my vouchers and see what bargains I could find!

NO joke I arrived to UHFO at 10:30am and left at 4:30 when the food court was closing up. It is fair to say today I have woken up with very sore legs and feet, but a couch full of bargains and Father’s Day buys.

I spent my vouchers at Adidas, Kaisercraft (as I could not get enough) and Russel Athletic. I will be back to spend the remainder of my vouchers when I have my partner in tow.

If anyone is stuck on what to get Dad for Father’s Day then I would advise you to get on over to Uni Hill Factory Outlets and have a look, I am sure you will find something.