Tried And Tested and LOVED: Perfumed Jewelry

I have found the perfect accessory for me! Going to events and shows I am often making a bathroom pit-stop, not to go toilet but just to spruce myself up with perfume.
But now I no longer need to spruce my perfume up. I can proudly say, I can actually even leave my perfume bottle at home, which also means my bag doesn’t weigh me down as much anymore!!

Perfumed Jewellery is a NEW Australian owned product which combines the unique combination of authentic brand name perfumes and fashionable jewellery to create a beautiful lust-have product or gift.

With over 2,000 perfume and design combinations available, there is something to reflect every woman’s unique style and personality.

So what it is, is a really adorable pendant that opens up and you can pop your scents rocks in there. The thing I love about this concept is the fact that you can change your perfume up without having to change your jewelry.  But if you want to change up the pendant you can easily buy a new one!

There are two different charms to pick from in gold and 6 in Silver, both come with chains.
Gold Charm’s are $210.00
Silver Charm’s are $140.00

I was sent the silver Passion pendant in Princess- Vera Wang.

The main thing that surprised me is how many scents you can actually choose from and I do believe the list continues to grow! I can honestly say there is a scent for EVERYONE in there. Although it is tricky to pick one when you only know them by name, and have never actually worn the scent. Luckily for me there were loads of my favourite perfume’s in there so it was easy.. Well actually pretty hard deciding which one I actually wanted.

The chain on this is also right up my alley, I was a little worried that it would be a short neck chain that ended up sitting on my collarbone line.. But it was a nice long one, like the rest of the jewelry I usually wear. 
I have been asked three times what perfume I was wearing, as it smelt really beautiful! Only to tell those people I had none on. They were puzzled until I continued my sentence saying it wasn't a perfume but more my jewelry giving off that smell!

Simply go to, choose your selected brand name perfume, select a pendant style, and have your Perfumed Jewelry delivered FREE anywhere in the world.