Three Bee's Gluten Free Week thanks to Sarah-Jane Purnell

So next week my ENTIRE tiny family will be partaking in the 7 Day Gluten FREE challenge. We will become one of those families you see checking the label and taking that little bit extra to shop as we need to ensure all the products we put in our bodies are gluten-free.

I am a little excited to get this challenge under way as I am very eager to see if this helps my family or me in anyway.

I have irritable bowel and find the little things set it off. But generally after I eat a product that has gluten in it, I am bloated, get cramps and just feel plain BLEH!

After speaking to Sarah-Jane Purnell on the phone Friday, and getting the all-clear for the whole family to get involved I let out a sigh of relief. Making positive changes to this family was my New Years Resolution.

Sarah-Jane Purnell is an amazing nutritionist and naturopath. And in light of the Coeliac Awareness week ( 13th March for 7 whole days), she has formulated a very special 7 day gluten free challenge in conjunction with industry leading gluten free bakery brand, PureBred.

About Sarah-Jane Purnell, Naturopath & Nutritionist
BHSc (Complementary medicine), Adv Dip Naturopathy, MATMS 25416

Sarah-Jane is a Nutritionist and Naturopath who believes in the power of healthy food for optimal health. Ever since she was young Sarah-Jane had a passion for discovering and cooking delicious food and it wasn’t until she became unwell as a teenager that she discovered the role diet can play in healing the body.

This inspired her to complete a Bachelor of Health Science and Advanced Diplomas in Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy. Since her study Sarah-Jane has worked in a diverse range of clinical settings holding the position of clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath at the exclusive Golden Door Elysia, Australia’s premier health retreat. She also runs her own private clinics in Sydney and Melbourne, and speaks regularly to both corporate and social groups on the benefits of wellness and good nutrition.

Sarah-Jane has recently become a new Mum and more than ever relies on a balanced diet and lifestyle to maintain her energy as she juggles life with her beautiful baby girl and working in a job she loves.

Qualifications / Awards
Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Charles Sturt University
Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
Advanced Diploma Homeopathy, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
Certificate Iridology, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
Integria Graduate of the year 2010

You will see a lot of PureBred through my posts as my family eat bread on a daily basis, so replacing our normal white bread with a much healthier (GLUTEN FREE) alternative is going to be fun. Plus I want to see if I can change the girls mind about plain white bread and explore a more grainy texture bread.

The only thing Sarah-Jane did make note of is with the kids I will need to replace the carbohydrates I will be taking out of their sugar filled diets. Also checking that with their cereal when it says Gluten Free to still go for the one that has the lowest sugar content.

This is not a diet in anyway to help me or my family loose weight but more of a diet to help us live more healthy and feel better.

I couldn’t imagine those poor families that have to go shopping on a day to day basis and really check the labels for certain contents as their family has an allergy or something like Coeliac Disease. So this is all I can do to try and raise awareness for Coeliac Disease- you may never know if it is something your actually suffering with yourself.

So over the coming week (starting sometime next week) you will be seeing my gluten free dairy as well as my feelings and thoughts.

I will also be including some recipes Sarah- Jane Purnell has passed on to me.

I would encourage any or all of you to jump on board and find out what differences the Gluten Free Challenge make to your life, if any.