Stress Relief with San Churro

Gone are the days where I sit at home with a tub of chocolate ice-cream in front of the TV alone, and hello to the days of going out and drawing my sorrows and stress away in Chocolate Heaven. Lately there has been a lot of stress surrounding my life and brother and sister's life.

So I decided to take my sister out for what turned out to be breakfast as we both forgot to eat this morning. This also gave her the opportunity to relax and speak her mind and confide in me. 

After finally getting Hayley into full time school hours and getting myself into some sort of routine I have felt the urge to get out and away and have some spoil me time.

Luckily enough I had San Churro on my side, and this is where I spent the most of my morning. My sister and I hit the Watergardens store, but did notice it is quite small with a handful of inside tables and a couple more outside. I will be keen to try out the Highpoint San Churro and compare the two and let you know which works best for me.  But it may have been a small store but the staff there were absolutely beautiful and more then helpful.

They were child friendly popping Madisons mini milkshake into a take away mug to minimise mess and spills. Even though she ended up spilling my drink everywhere, but the lady there came over and told me should could mop it up for me if I liked.

My sister and I shared something off the NEW Summer Menu, which let me tell you is hard to pick out just a few items. So that is where we decided to go with the Chocolate & Churros Tapas Plate. This plate really does give you a little taste of so much that San Churro has to offer.

Chocolate and Churros Tapas Plate $24.95

A tasting plate of mini churros, chocolate, deep fried chocolate truffles, choc brownie, strawberries and other chocolate delights

Little Miss Madison also indulged with a Mini chocolate milkshake, which I taste tested and MMMMMMMmm….

I died today and the cause was a chocolate overdoes, I literally didn’t think I could walk out of there. I ate enough chocolate for a year, well actually until Easter.

I have been into San Churro once and that was just to pick up some Spanish donuts, which my friend did not stop speaking about. I loved them but for some reason never paid much attention to the menu, now I have seen it I know I will be going back.

It is not all about chocolate and Spanish donuts though, you can pick yourself up some thick sliced raisin toast and a coffee if the sweet really aren’t you thing.

We could not fit one more thing into our bellies, so I left with a goody bag to take home :0)

All in all I gave San Churro a 4 and a half star rating. 

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