Product Review | Ivory Coat AU

So family and friends warned me before I got a puppy that it was honestly like having another child. Let me tell you, I was cocky and often thought that it could have been nowhere near as hard as raising a child.

But little did I know it is. Walking our boy twice a day, feeding him twice a day, replacing his water at least twice a day, vet visits, brushing him, puppy school, picking up more then 6 poops a day, baths and so much more. It just does not end when you own a dog or Pup- and neither does the holes in my newly installed garden beds.

So today was our little Billy Boys second bath, the first time he was a mere 6 weeks and easy to deal with. We took him to my partners parents on Saturday and noticed he had become a little nasty on the nose and had that real dirty dog smell. So I made it my mission to give him a bath on Sunday but things got in the way.

Monday there was no excuse and I had to bath him no matter the weather or excuses. I was a little scared of his reaction, as when he was a pup he really did not want to stay in the bath and kept trying to jump out. Now he is older and VERY big I thought there would have been no way for me to keep him in there.

To my shock, Billy just sat there and even at one stage laid down in the water. He let me scrub away and then even began to play with me thinking my scrubbing was all a big game.

He Looks Sad here but thats only because I told him to sit so I could take a photo.

The product I used on Billy was from Ivory Coat and is the Glossy Coat Shampoo $29.90 for 570g (a nice big bottle, which should last.)

I loved the smell and how it instantly got rid of the dirty dog smell even when he was wet. It also made his fur look better then when I bought him as a six week old pup and really brought out the golden colours (which I thought it was dirt!!)

After using this product I have jumped onto the website and have a little wish list going on with the products I wish to purchase and use on Billy in the future.

If you wanted to have a look at their beautiful collection you can head to the link below.