Convenient Beauty

I’m sure I am not the only Mum on this planet that has no time for me anymore and has to find quick and easy ways to make myself up or the occasional pamper (in between two fighting girls.)

So I have put together a small list of things and products that will help you cut time when getting ready and also make you feel beautiful conveniently.

RCK Body Glow in Medium $49.95

I love using this product when I want a light glowing shimmer. It helps to lightly tint my skin and also make it look a million bucks with a shimmer. Not only does the shimmer look great, it hides any imperfections that can be seen on my not so great skin (mainly my legs.)

I don’t leave the house when I am going out somewhere special or snazzy without applying my RCK Body Glow.

I will warn you though… If you sleep with it on you may end up with glowing sheets in the morning haha.

Manicare coconut scented Nail polish Removing Pads (32)

AHHHHHHH(in an angelic voice!!) This would have to be my product of the year so far.  Manicare are forever throwing me amazing surprises and this was something that was right up there with those convenient products, if not took the throne.

Think of nail polish wipes that don’t actually smell of remover but smell of coconut, because that is exactly what they are.

After using these wipes I am left with hydrated cuticles that look and smell fab.

Unlike other nail polish wipes you can find out on the market they are drenched in nail polish remover so there is no need to go through the whole container while trying to removed one set of polishes.

Le Tan Wash Off Bronze

Eh, baking my body in the sun is soooo last year (well maybe 10years ago.) I HATE the thought of sitting in the sun and killing my skin cells off now, and for what- some bronzed skin?! 

Not only that when you become a Mum your not spending as much time in the sun as you used to and you worry about your kids skin too much. So instead of sitting in the sun, your hiding under a tree in the shade with the kids.

I don’t mind though, as I love my fake tan and being able to wash it off as I please. The only one I have found that is close to natural without making you look like an oompa loompa and is very affordable is the Le Tan range.

This semi-newbie from them is a star and can be washed off when the day is through for fresh, CLEAN skin in the morning- no staining the bed!!!

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation 208 Golden Vanilla $41.95 and Extra Virgin Minerals Brush $34.95

Oh my lordy lord, this is the product that dreams are made of. A super fluffy, silky mineral foundation that just melts to your skin and sucks up the nutrients within the mineral powder (I have no idea if it does that, but it certainly feels like it.)

You can work this onto your face and build it into a move stronger coverage type product, or you can use a little and have light coverage on those days you need a pick-me-up.

The brush, when I received it I sat there and just brushed my face up and down and was in complete ore at how soft it felt on my face. I wish I was a tiny, weenie person and could jump onto of the brush and just sleep there forever.

A high-density foundation brush, designed to ensure just the right amount of The Body Shop® Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation is captured between the bristles, providing a smooth, even application.

Arbonne CC Cream

My go to product for those times I have no time to apply makeup. I just want something that will cover my tired face and cover up these panda eyes – The joys of Motherhood.

Arbonne CC cream is like a foundation but with so many more benefits to me and my skin. I love that its is light and blends into my skin, not leaving me having to bronze or do anything afterwards.

I also DO NOT have to apply primer to my face beforehand and the product just glides on. Here is a comparison with and without the face

The CC Cream is available in 4 shades.

The princess and the tea No20 calm | harmonise | dream $28.00

The outside is never going to feel beautiful if you don’t start with the inside first. Having tea can be beneficial in many ways and help to keep you feeling beautiful inside and out.

I love the packaging, so classy and simple. I feel it would be a product you could EASILY find in the Queens palace haha. No but in all seriousness it is VERY royal like.

Then there is the taste. I have ALWAYS been a tea girl and never really fancied my coffee, so since I can remember I’ve tried new ranges and teas whenever they came on the supermarket shelf.

Little did I know the tea I had been searching for could not be found on my supermarket shelf- but was waiting for me online. The Princess and the Tea is the perfect thing to sip on before heading to bed or when your day is anything but stress-free.

L’Oreal Nutrilift gold foundation 160 Rose Beige

Ok so this is my lusting over foundation right now, and I am sure I will be thankful when I am 50 and looking great… Well that is what this product should be doing. L’Oreal have jammed in 5 powerful anti-ageing ingredients into this foundation AND included REAL gold particles. So my question is why isn’t this product under lock and key?! Or sold out on shelves?

I love how the foundation leaves me with flawless skin while using minimal product. It stays not strays and I am left looking like I just applied foundation even 4 hours or more afterwards.

As always I love to apply my liquid foundation with my fingers and hands as I have NEVER been able to find a brush that gives the same natural effect L If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear!!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Nail Polish strips or also known as nail wraps are perfect for those time consumed women looking for them salon nails at home.
To get these on my nails it literally takes about 5minutes and that is at a slow concentrated pace.

I much prefer the looks of these then just plain painted nails, I have bumpy nails so polish never looks very good on my nails with only two coats. And in the end I knock them and the entire look is ruined.

With these there is no drying time, they are on and you’re done. Here are some of my faves from the Sally Hansen Collection.

380 Colllide-O-Scope

470- Lust-rous

430 Tri-Bal it on

So that is my most convenient products for those Mummies and Ladies who just don’t have the time, to spend hours in the bathroom, or in front of the mirror.

I will forever be adding new and exciting convenient products… I might even begin a part 2 to this post