Laundry Warrior | Dynamo

School has started, which also means my laundry is being used in overdrive. Before I had a school kid I would wash the laundry when it needed to be done, or we had a full load there. But now I have to make up a load even if it is only small every couple of days. (If any of you Mothers have laundry tips for me I would LOVE to hear from you!)

My daughters dress is white and I plan on keeping that way, which means it is important to me to find good working laundry products (and to make sure no bright colours or really dark colours find their way into the washing machine.)

Luckily I did not have to look far at all, in fact all I had to do was open the front door to find a product that worked for me. At the front door I found a big package that as soon as I got in the house and closed the door, I could smell was a laundry product. If anybody knows me by now they know a good smelling laundry product is a MUST for me, as I love my clothes and linen smelling good.

The first of the products that arrived was the Dynamo Smart Shot Detergent
The Dynamo Smart Shot detergent will be available in all major supermarkets in Regular Top Loader, Front Loader and Eucalyptus Front Loader (800ml) varieties at RRP*: $9.99. The Cold Power Smart Shot detergent will be available in Top and Front Loader (800ml) varieties at RRP*: $8.99
I love this as it is so easy to use and totally mess free J The only thing you need to do is pop the cap and pour the detergent into the lid and throw the entire liquid in there, lid and all. Then let your washing machine and Dynamo Smart Shot works its magic in there and get deep down into those dirty fabrics.
Hayley’s dress and the rest of my washing came out amazingly clean and the whites were super white, and colours bright again.
One tip I found to remove stubborn stains though is to pour product directly on the area and let it sit and soak into the fabric for 15minutes before washing.

But when I do a whites load there is another product I choose to use and this is the Dynamo Top Loader Maximum Liquid.

Dynamo MAXIMUM Top Loader
Dynamo 2x Concentrate Liquid for Top Loaders is scientifically proven to deliver unbeatable stain removal performance – first time. With its unqiue formula, Dynamo guarantees a superior, powerful clean that removes tough stains across your whole wash. Dynamo Top Loader is available in 750mL, 1L and 2L bottles, and 750mL refill packs.

My whites have never been so white in their life after using the Dynamo Maximum liquid and I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I could go on and on and on, and no I am not being paid to say this.

The smart detergent cleans your clothes but nothing cleans my clothes like this.
There are some products that claim to clean deep down, but I have used them and this was NOTHING in comparison to how clean Dynamo got my clothes. I have used this a dozen times now and still have more in the bottle and never had to rewash a single item of clothing.

If you love your laundry isle in the supermarket like I do, I think next time your in there you should definitely give these bad boys a try they will combat any stain.