Product Talk by Nuffnang

My first ever Product Talk by Nuffnang, EEEKKK (literally screaming inside.) If you have no idea what this is I would recommend heading to and see what it is all about :-) 

NEEEEXXXTTT- I was one of the lucky ducks that was sent a few cans of Pepsi Next for review, 4 to be exact. Out with the regular Pepsi Max and onto the new Pepsi Max.

 Summer for me naturally means lots more time in the sun and being outside in general with the munchkins. And this may sound really bad but to quench my thirst on a hot day I love a glass of bubbles with just as much ice.
  We love being outside in the Summer time and the BBQ is on almost every single night. When we have our outdoor area and decking complete we will also be inviting family and friends over as often as they like to enjoy the great outdoors with us- making sure our fridge is always stocked up.

I am usually a Lemonade kinda’ girl and my partner is a Cola man but we will share a small bottle of Cola here and there. I just hate the fuzzy feeling I am left with when drinking regular Cola.

Pepsi Next has been on the market for a while now and I have often walked right past in the soft drink isle of my grocery store. It has caught my eyes a couple of times with its bright blue and white packaging- and I think at the time Beyonce was also on the can in a retro cartoon like print.
Apparently Pepsi Next is relatively better for you then the other cola’s or Pepsi on the shelves as it contains naturally less sugar then the regular colas.  It contains a BIG 30% less sugar but more importantly, is sweetened naturally with Stevia. When I read about this fact I straight away thought about those images where the soft drinks are lined up and it shows how many teaspoons of sugar are in the can. So knowing a whopping 30% is being knocked off that is a great piece of mind.

Pepsi Next tastes so good that Pepsi are inviting people from around Australia to take part in a blind taste test of naturally less sugar Pepsi Next vs full sugar Coca Cola to see which taste they prefer. To find out more head to Pepsi's Facebook page here for more info: Here
I attempted the blind taste test with Matthew as Cola and those sort of drinks are his forte. Very surprisingly he picked the Pepsi Next over the regular Pepsi saying it had a better flavour..
I did the same except told him to swap and change the glasses so I wouldn’t know, only I failed and said they both taste similar and I couldn’t tell the difference- goes to show the natural formula is just as good as the sugar packed one.

You can find Pepsi Next where the Pepsi range is stocked such as major supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores. RRP is dependent on place of purchase.
Well I am going to let you guys going and get back to sipping on Pepsi Next.