My Summer Loves- Bye, Bye Summer

This Summer has been jammed packed full of fun sun loving activities. We have attended many festivals/gigs, we’ve clocked up very naughty sunburn, lots of drinking (I am terribly sorry liver,) endless hours spent outside enjoying the warm Summer nights and of course BBQ’s. Even though Summer is coming to an end,  I think we will see a lot of Summer weather in “Autumn” as our Summer came late this year.

So in light of the last week of Summer I thought I would recap on those products that for me have made my life easier and better in Summer and the Melbourne heat waves

The number 1 product that got me through is of course WATER and Hydrolite, and without it I would have been a dried up shriveled skin shell.

Le Tan Jet Dry Deep Bronze

For those days when I needed some bronze sticks to cover up the lily white legs that just wont colour no matter what I do. I don’t like baking myself in the sun and would much prefer to go with a spray tan- the healthier option.

Yes to Cucumbers hypoallergenic facial towellets 30 wipes

A handbag must have… I don’t know about you, but on a hot day I find myself constantly wiping my face with baby wipes to try and get the oil and sweat off there. But I have found a product that is one million times better then a baby wipe and smells perfect to. Just touching them you know they are soft, which I don’t find baby wipes to be very soft.  Perfect for removing makeup as well when you just want to go to bed after a long hot day and not worry about a full face cleanse.

Chapstick Lemon and Berry sorbet Mixstick

Gone are the days of the plain old one flavour chapstick. And in are the days of a mixture, no need to have many different chaps in  you bag as the new Mixstick has a flavour (well scent) at each end.  I personally love the Lemon and Berry as it is a very Summery kind of smell and fruits. Chapstick is the beach must have to keep those lips hydrated and in good shape. Also makes for a great base before using a lipstick.

Derma e vitamin 12,000 IU crème

The sun really damages your skin and dries it out. I haven’t been able to find a product like the derma e vitamin crème that deeply hydrates the skin and has no need to reapply during the day. My shoulders get super dry as the sun is always shining down onto them, so I find it really hard to hydrate them without making them oily and sticky. This product is oily, but soaks into the skin and after avout 5 minutes you wont even know it is there.

Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen SPF 50+ 110mL tube

Of course you cannot have Summer without a Sunscreen and the higher the SPF the better I say. For my family it is more convenient to buy a kids or sensitive sunscreen as we have sensitive skin and kids to look after. It makes it so much easier then having to carry around 2 different tubes everywhere. The Kids stuff is the same as the adults only it is more gently on the skin and to be honest I think is best.

Invisible Zink- UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+

Every single lady or girls MUST have a foundation that also doubles as a sunscreen and protects your face (the one thing that is ALWAYS exposed to harmful UV rays.)

One of my favourites is this Invisible Zink- UV Silk Shield Foundation. As the heading would suggest this foundation really does go on like silk and is so soft to touch when applied to your face.

I love how this foundation is actually a stick foundation rather then a tube one, as it is a lot less messier and easy to apply- plus you have more control.

So get some three in one into your life, you wont look back (zinc, finishing powder and foundation) Eliminates two products in your makeup case or handbag.

Dirty Works you soft touch hand cream 100ml

My hands cop it in the Summer sun and dry out leaving my hands looking and feeling like an 80 year old hard workind farmer- which is not a really good look for a 24 year old lady.  The two reasons I love this Dry Works hand cream is one it makes my hands soft and hydrated and two it smells amazing!! The smell also lingers around allowing you to smell the beautiful scent of the cream for at least an hour. And when you cannot smell it anymore you know it is time for a top up.

Bliss lemon and sage body butter- maximum moisturising cream 200mL

Another great product to hydrated the entire body and is a great one for the beach bag. I always get dry skin once getting out of the beach or even pools (which I avoid.) So having a good all over moisturiser or body butter is quite important for me, as with dry skin becomes itchy irritated skin.

I would love to know the products that get you through the Summer.