Scholastic Reads for February

February reads thanks to Scholastic.

I Wanna Be a pretty Princess

Just like my two girls at times J The images in this book are beautiful and very princess like and PINK!

But the story is about a little girl that desperately wants to become a pretty princess! But when a real-life pretty princess hears her wish and begins to show her just what it takes, the little girl decides that perhaps she'd rather do it her own way! I don’t want to give away too much to the story but it is definitely worth reading right up until the last page J

10 Smiley Crocs

As the title of this book would suggest, this book is great in teaching children a fun way to learn. Sometimes just numbers is not enough, and for my girls it is actually being able to count items and use their fingers that tend to stick in their minds a lot better.
Ten smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.
Ten smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.
And if one smiley croc suddenly hits a spike,
There’ll be nine smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.

The smiley crocs are ready for lots of very snappy adventures! Keep a lookout for hidden numbers to find.

Kids will have loads of fun learning to count backwards with pirate crocs, rock ’n’ roll crocs and even crocs blowing bubble gum!

There was an old bloke who swallowed a bunny

This is a series of books and you would have seen There was an old lady who swallowed a Mozzie- See here.
But there are many different versions/series of this book and as you can see they are forever growing. Personally I love the books and think it is quite fun, looking through the images and playing iSpy with the girls.

This book is pretty cute though, although I have no idea why a bloke would swallow a bunny.
Just going by the heading you know it is a real Aussie book, because where else in the world do they refer men to blokes?

The Cuddliest Hug

Cuddles from my girls is something I love and are very special to almost every parent. As your child gets older the cuddles lessen, and they become to old for cuddles- there is no cuddle like a mothers cuddle though. Little Kanga will learn this, as his friends try and give him a sleepy-time cuddles. But nothing is quite right and little kanga just cannot go to sleep.  Where could Mamma Kanga be??

My mum taught us as children to always hug before bed and let each other know we love one another as you never know if it could be your last.

Nugget and Fang- Friends forever- or snack time?

This book is about a friend shark and Minnow (fish) who explore the ocean together but also get tried to con into believing that sharks and minnow don’t get along and are not to be friends. But Nugget and fang proves them wrong.

I think this can be compared to every day life with children, being pressured into being able to hang with certain groups and type is very much a reality in the schoolyard and even out of the school yard.

I found this book to be perfect in teaching the girls to never judge a book by its cover.

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