Tested | Kevin.Murphy- Young.Again.Masque

Now I know for a fact there will be ladies out there and even men that turn their nose up at what I am about to state, but I honestly don’t care- And who are they to judge anyway?
Ok so here is my confession to the world of beauty- I wash my hair once a week, sometimes a few days more. I wash my hair when it begins to get oily, I wont walk around looking like a mop that has been used to clean up oil. I am lucky enough to have quite normal hair that does not get oily and stinky quick.  So this means really there is no need to wash my hair, not only does it not need a clean my hair is better off soaking up them natural oils that protect your hair and make them stronger.
Don’t get me wrong if it is hot and my hair feels dirty or sweaty of course I will wash it and refresh myself. But I do find if I wash my hair more then once in the week it becomes very frizzy and dries out something shocking.
When I do wash my hair every fortnight I give it a good treatment to help lock in the hydration and keep it healthy and growing steadily.
A product that I have found to work miracles on my hair and leaving it feel like silk is of course

KEVIN.MURPHY’S- Young.Again.Masque
The thing that really sold me before even applying this to my hair and even opening the bottle was inf act the packaging and the perfect size of the product.
Then once I had twisted the top into the open position and squired a little bit into my palm the smell my nose smelt was absolutely heavenly and one I could not wait to get in my hair. I would continue to use this even if it didn’t work (which I am not saying) just purely because I want my hair to smell like the product in the bottle.

But once the Young Again Masque had been sitting in my hair for apprx 8mins I decided I would wash it out so I could get out of the bath. So I dunked my head in and rinsed away, and found my hair was as silky as it was when the product was in. You know sometimes when you apply conditioner or masks it feels silky, only for you to rinse and loose all that silkiness. Well that does not happen with this product what so ever and almost immediately you can feel and see the change it makes to your hair.
It is no wonder you can find these Kevin. Murphy product’s in salon, they are amazing and I haven’t used one (YET) that I have not liked!