BROW REHAB | Highpoint Benefit Brow Bar Review

So 3B’s was introduced to another BBB- Benefit Brow Bar, here is where my eyebrow virginity was taken. I have NEVER in my life been anywhere to have my brows professionally done, which is probably why they never looks great and up to standard.

 For a long time now I have hated my brows and their shape, looking like enemies instead of twins.

 So when I was invited to the benefit brow bar I was super excited, but apart of me was kind of scared- scared of the unknown. For some reason I am afraid that something will go wrong, like they take off too much of my brow, which may I add have been growing for a good 2 months.
This was me before the benebabes worked their magic
- AKA Cavewoman

I am a bit of a hairy ogre in the brow department at the moment, which will hopefully give the benebabes something to work with.

When I arrived at the benefit brow bar in highpoint I was greeted by the beautiful Anna, who was my benebabe for the day. Highpoints store is the closest to me but they do have a Chadstone bar, Doncaster bar and possibly opening up a Northlands Pop- Up brow bar.

Even my girls had fun at the Brow Bar.. And the ladies there were wonderful and very understanding about having my kids there. If I needed to do something Anna was very happy to stop and let me do what I had to and then come back. 
I did however bring my besty with me AKA the person I can thank for these pics, who did help out quite a lot with the girls.

Before we even began, she had me sit down and told me I was now officially in Brow Rehab.. Prior to the last month I used to be a serial plucker and would always end up over doing in and making a real mess of my brows.  At the start of last month I vowed never to touch my brows and to let them grow out until they could be slightly shaped.
So Anna suggested I go with a tint to begin with as it will bring out all those finer, lighter hairs and define my brows a little more. 

The colour Anna used on my brows was the chocolate… (mmm) Ok now this part is in no way flaunting at all and you actually feel like a cavewoman that knows nothing about personal care (well I did anyway.)

As you can see in this photo, the tint instantly makes a massive difference and this is without even plucking or waxing.. My brows are still out of control.

Then came the painful part of waxing these caterpillars off my face- not completely though. Anna was super gentle and there was only a tiny bit on my right eye near the crease that hurt me. So here is a comparison of one eye waxed and the other untouched.

Left not touched and Right is waxed.

So that was it my brows were done and ready for the big reveal. My benebabe did however suggest using some of the Benefit brow sculpting products to help shape my eyebrows while in Brow Rehab as they were not the same and needed a little help. Anna used the Brows a go go and this was my final result…….

I am in love and vow to never touch my own brows again and let the girls at the Benefit Brow Bars work their magic. I would recommend them to anybody willing to change things up and get some brow help.