Décor's NEW | Baby Range

I have found an item in which you will have for many years as a mother- from about 4months to anywhere up to 5 years and even more.

I have NEVER been a Mum that likes to buy baby food out of the can or from the supermarket shelf. I like to know and see what is going into my little ones baby food, although she isn’t a baby anymore.  I had an extremely bad experience with Heinz Baby Food, Madison at the mere age of 5 months got food poisoning- Doctor confirmed it. When I contacted Heinz I was then told it was being re-called, so that was enough to scare me off shelf food FOREVER (nothing worse then seeing your little one sick.)  

So from there on out I was a Mum that made food for my little ones and never used to give them food from the cans. The only exception I made was the all organic pouches, because sometimes when I was out I needed to pop in the store for some food and little one would start getting snacky. Generally Madison and Hayley used to suck the contents straight out of the pouch packs.

  So here is a product for all Mummies looking to make their little ones their own food: 

7 Piece baby feeding Set RRP $24.99

The pack includes
Insulated quad cooler
Set of 4 realseal 125mL tubs
Mini icewall freeze brick
Soft touch feeding spoon

Some of Madison’s favourite foods were mashed carrot and beetroot, apple and pear puree, banana custard using formula milk and so many more. If you wanted some recipes I would be more then happy to make a post on them, just leave a comment below.

The best tip I learnt when making my own baby food is to add a few drops of lemon juice into anything that contained apple to stop it from browning and having that bruised taste to it- works everytime.

These little tubs are not only great for babies, but as your child gets older can also be used for snacks and big girl lunches. I pop snacks into these and into Madison’s little backpack and she is set for the day.

The icewall used in the quad cooler lasts all day and keep food and yoghurt cold throughout the day. Yes, I even eat my yoghurt out of these containers.  The tubs are also freezer safe, so you can make a bulk lot of food and freeze it for when it is needed.

Décor’s new Baby Range is quite extensive and you can keep adding to your collection as you please.  But the Realseal feeding tubs are perfect for those on the go feeds. It is honestly as simple as prepare food, freeze, microwave (or heat in very hot water and serve- all from the one nifty container.

I sent Hayley (5) to school today with small carrot sticks and cucumber sticks in one of these containers. But I cannot wait to have another baby to be able to go through cooking puree and baby food from scratch- I have learnt so many great recipes while preparing two little bubbas meals.

The Décor Baby range colour consists of pink, green and blue. There is no real unisex colour but when your looking to buy something like this Baby is already out and you would know what sex your shopping for ( I would hope!!)

Im hoping to add some blue to this home in the near future that is for sure J

These little beauties are available from Woolworths and IGA stores nationally.

To find more of the range just head to : www.decor.com.au