Beloved Banana Boat | For the little ones

Banana Boat, Fun Sun Protection
Banana Boat, Its 30 + (well 50 + now haha.)
Banana Boat, it lasts for hours and hours and hours
Do, do, do,do,do do,do ,do …

Every Australian would know this song that used to hit our TV’s years ago advertising our beloved Banana Boat sunscreen. You know the one- the little baby on the beach singing in a deep voice to the song… super cute! And it is a song that has stuck with me up to this day and has caught on with my kids J

It is a brand we all love and we all know and a brand I even love more now since they have made a lot of their products SPF 50+ and 30+ as the minimum I think.

I may use a wide range of sunscreen and sun care products but when it comes to my girls all I usually use is Banana Boat. It is the ONLY sunscreen that when used right does not let my girls skin burn- its like mirrors to the sun, reflecting those harsh UV’s off their skin.

The main products used in our house for the girls is:
Banana Boat SPF 50+ Kids Clear Spray as is it is easy to apply and there is no need for me to get my hands all greasy.  Banana Boat products are fragrance free so I have no idea how they got their name as their products smell nothing like banana… Although I do wish they made a product even if it was a limited edition product that actually left the girls protected AND smelling like bananas- great idea there for you BANANA BOAT :-) 
This same formula comes in a cute little roll-on which is perfect for the baby bag and even the handbag. It says it is for children but obviously adults can use it... It will not turn you into a child I promise. 

Then for my youngest I like to use:

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Baby Spray
Again I love the sprays, even though with this one it does involve rubbing in as it doesn’t spray as well as the aluminium can does in the toddler range. This fits perfectly in both my handbag and the baby bag, which I have a bottle in both just in case.

Again just like the kids range this range has the spray as well as a cute little roll-on, which is great to apply. My daughter who is only 2 loves to roll the sunscreen on her skin and then rub it in. Having watched her do this I would prefer the roll-on as it encourages children to slip, slop and slap at a young age- Anything that helps protects my kids is a good thing. 

They even have a SENSITIVE RANGE for those who suffer from sensitive skin that find it hard to tolerate other sun care products on the market. I bought this for my mum to try on her very sensitive skin and it passed with flying colours.

I did get sent these products in a care package, but I have been working with Banana Boat for a while now and since out first contact I have fallen in love with their products and it is a brand I trust with my family. I would recommend Banana Boat to ANYBODY looking to keep safe in the sun.