Hair Free With | Veet

I know a lot of women dont want to admit they have facial hair, as it is something that has been portrayed to be a masculine thing. Alright it is not pretty to see a woman walking around with a beard but were all human and we ALL have facial hair, some more then others but it is there.

I will be the first to admit that I have facial hair, but like a lot of women I dont want to brave it to go into a beauty spa or anything like that for a lip wax. I prefer to find products that work for me at home. The main reason for this is because for starters your skin where it is waxed goes bright red. So instead of sporting a little bit of lip hair you walk out with a red mo- I don't know whats worse a hairy mo or a red one...

Two products I have found to work for me are both from Veet and can all be found at your supermarket.

The first of the two is:

Veet Face EasyGrip Ready to use wax strips RRP- $9.99
The pack comes with 20 strips of wax that have a really pleasant smell.

I usually have a stash of little wax strips hidden under the bathroom sink for use when Matt is not home (hidden right behind my bubble bath where I know he wont go!) He knows I maintain my lip hairs, and even though they are light and you can barely see them I hate knowing they are there- and I certainly dont like him knowing when I wax. It is not because I am ashamed but for the fear hell come in a take a photo to post as a joke to the Facebook world And even though I know I will get my revenge big time I just dont want any evidence available of this on-going haha.

The strips are a perfect size to get them sensitive spots such as your upper lip, bikini area and even under your arms. I dont use these under my arms as I am WAAAAYYY to scared to apply any type of wax there. But I do use it on my face and also my bikini line. It is super gentle and yet effectively removes the hair first time.. Well you will get the occasional hair down on your bikini line that wont budge but that is because it is much thicker hair.

We went away camping and these bad boys came with me just incase hair showed up or there were places I had missed.. And I know this is not what they are meant for, but they also helped me get a painful splinter out of my foot J

The second product is:
NEW Veet Face Precision Wax and Care Wand RRP- $15.99

Also containing 20 strips of re-usable fabric and a double-ended pen, which contains the pink wax and also an after treatment cream at the other end.

Personally my experience with wands has not been the best, as there was this one time I almost took my entire brow off- literally got left with pencil line thin brows. It would have been the second time ever using a pen or wand and I applied to much wax to my brow. So when I went to rub the strip on the wax would have been pressed up into my brow and took off way more then I intended. So this was the first time doing my own brows with wax since this incident.

This time around I only used a minimal amount so there was not too much residual happening, applied the strip and ripped.. Now I am usually have a great pain threshold but there is something about my area that gets me tearing up every single bloody time. I have no idea why either, I know the pain I am up for yet I sook like a baby wanting milk it is horrible!!

The end result of this wax though was very different to that of my first and I was actually impressed with what I had achieved. My brows werent hairy or needing re-shape but more just a little bit of a tidy up and this wax worked great. The wand is so easy to maneuver around the brow with accuracy.

Love it and will continue to use.

In my hot little hands I also have the sensitive hair removal cream, which you will more then likely be seeing on the blog is all goes well.