Product Review: L'Oreal Loves

So L’Oreal is a brand you would all know of and some of you may love. The main thing I love about L’Oreal is the fact I can pick some up while out shopping for groceries, as you can find them in a lot of stores.

I have compilied a tiny list of the L’Oreal Products I am loving right now and could never see myself getting sick of.

The first of this little list is:

L’Oreal revitalift magic blur instant skin smoother
You know them days when you apply your foundation and nothing seems to work. Your skin either looks flakey or incredibly obvious that your wearing foundation when your opting for the very natural look. 

MIRACLE This is the miracle product that can stop all your skin imperfection problems (well temporarily anyway.)

INSTANTLY blurs the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores. For me using this product is to help me smooth out them pores, which can sometimes stop my skin from looking flawless even when using the best of the best foundation.

OVERTIME prevents visible signs of aging.* which is exactly what a person my age wants to do. Clearly at the age of 24 I have not a wrinkle on my face (touch wood) but I do know with the amount of smiling I do in another 5 years or so my face will be greeting the wrinkles. So I love taking the steps now to try and prevent this from happening, and if not then make them less obvious. 

L’Oreal False Lash telescopic unlimited length waterproof mascara

Who knew you didn’t need false lashes applied to your eyes to get super long, stay in place lashes. I used this on my eyes for the very first time at a wedding (thank god) the other weekend. My eyes were flowing with tears as there was a few sad moments there and my mascara did not budge.

Not only did it not budge, but my lashes looked longer then ever. I was even asked what false lashes I had on as they looked so natural… And I happily replied,  “They are totally natural, it is the mascara I am wearing.”

This is my daughter trying out the mascara- she loves playing with makeup at home.

I will however suggest you have a great eye makeup remover on hand as this stuff is tough to remove and can get quite comfortable staying on your lashes.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick – Red Valentine

The name of this product pretty much says it all. An intense, rich colour that gives your lips the look your aiming for. Whether it is a natural look or a more intense looks the Riche collection will have you covered.

Of course I always tend to go for bold lips, so the red Valentine was perfect for me and a beautiful red that is sure to make them boys pucker up….  Well maybe not, but it is still an amazing shade that your sure to love. This will more then likely be my Valentine’s Day lips by night when I am out on a date with my babies Daddy J

L’Oreal Color Riche Nails in

- Confettis

–      Sequin Explosion

I don’t think you can ever own too many nail polishes; well I can’t anyway. Even with a collection like mine, I always look for new shades and colours to suit a look I am going with. Not only that the colours of the season change so often and so does the makeup and nail trends to.

But I have found two lacquers that no matter the time of year or season, it goes! You can wear all of these by themselves or as a top coat on top of other colours.  My favourite is to apply the sequin explosion or confettis over top of a white base, it makes the L’Oreal Color Riche nails really stand out.