Rimmel | Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves


So in their time Rimmel has brought out quite a few Scandal Eyes and to be honest they all seemed to be the same product for me, just all with a slightly different brush.

Well I was really surprised with their newly released Rockin’ Curves launch and how much different this product actually was. I love my Rimmel curves and flaunt them like there is no tomorrow.

To begin with the packaging was different and upped another step with its 80’s rock inspired, animal print pattern. It is a 3D pattern on the bottle and feels like you a rubbing snake skin to a certain extent- but it certainly IS NO snake skin (just thought I would make that clear for those animal lovers and activists.)

When I pulled the brush out of the bottle I actually let out a little giggle when seeing the funny brush at the end of the stick. It looks like someone has bent and curved into some funny wave looking shape.
This cleverly-shaped applicator twists and curves to hug the lash line; the
thin tip grabs hard-to-reach inner
lashes, while the amplified
base pulses lashes
with incredible volume
and curve. lashes are
plumped and lifted in one
clean stroke. No clumps!

You be the judge on how well you think this mascara works. Below is a before use and after use photo. I always apply quite a lot of mascara to my lashes to enhance them and make them look bigger then they are.


Available from February 2014 from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target, kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths. For stockists please call 1800 812 663.