Gourmet Garden Giveaway

Taste the world with Gourmet Garden!

Not everybody has a fresh herb garden, and before moving into my own house I did not either. So I was relying on those found on the supermarket shelves.

But the dried shaker type of herbs, just wasn’t do it for me and being half European, fresh is always best. I think my Nonna would tssk me if she found out I owned dried herbs. But luckily I came across a range in the fridge section of my supermarket where they keep the fresh vegetables. This range was of course the Gourmet Garden.

Australia’s authority on herbs, Gourmet Garden, is giving you the chance to experience the ease and convenience of gourmet cooking with its popular range of squeezable tube herbs.

Gourmet Garden’s organically grown herbs deliver the culinary attributes of fresh colours, flavours and  aromas whilst still giving the consumer a decent shelf life of up to 12 weeks.

The prize includes Gourmet Garden’s classics – basil, ginger, garlic, chilli and parsley – as well as the full series of Taste the World cook books which are full of Gourmet Garden-inspired recipes to bring you culinary inspiration from across the globe.

Gourmet Garden Giveaway