Ok, so Melbournes Spring has not been as warm as people have expected I dont think (and that includes me.)

Having two girls at home I am always looking at things to do with the girls in home for those days we want to just stay home and dont feel like facing the world. 

Today I found something that was quite fun for the girls and lots of laughs for mum. We decided on a little dress up dance party in the girls play room! I made them a few little snacky foods and popped it on their craft table in their toy room. We then darkened the room by closing the curtains and got our party lights out (Daddy was a DJ and I have some left over from my 18th, all them light years ago. So there are some pretty cool ones laying around at home.)

The girls got out their best fairy dresses and accessories and they were ready to hit the dance floor.

First CD to hit the stereo was the:

William and Sparkles Magical Tales: Look at Me I am Dancing

Following the hugely successful launch of their first ever album earlier this year, Australias favourite magical duo, Sparkles the Fairy and William the Wizard are back with a delightful new CD, Look At Me Im Dancing!
Preschool children were mesmerised by the first release Lets Make Music, and now from September 20 they can continue the adventure with 16 enthralling new tracks, designed to captivate and entertain the minds of children through the use of story telling, colour, movement, music and playful characters that combine to heighten the sensory experience. 

In each episode the audience is invited into the enchanted world of Sparkles the Fairy and William the Wizard, two playful characters that use their magical talents to have fun, solve problems, help out their visiting friends and sometimes create mischief.

It is really cool as it is not all music and really gets the girls and I involved and gets the imagination ticking as well.

Below is a list of all the tracks on the CD- Really get your monies worth I say.

1) Good Morning
2) Its Tricky
3) Animal Parade
4) I Can Fix It
5) Look At Me
6) Do you want to find out?
7) Numbers
8) I Like Surprises
9) Come Along
10) We Can Make Music
11) Wizard Like Me
12) I'm Here
13) Shapes
14) I'm Digby Dash
15) Can you feel it?
16) Good bye

If you are looking for that perfect gift, or even something to do during the day like me; I would suggest getting your hands on this CD for your families entertainment.

available through all leading retailers, and also at the online ABC shop at: https://shop.abc.net.au/products/william-and-sparkles-magica-cd